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  1. I tried contactr them 2 years ago. still waiting for answer ))
  2. New sponsor joined UKBB24H -Pyreegue Dev Co. And some spoiler: At this moment we have 24 sponsors and a lot of prizes for you. Only 10 days left to UKBB24H. Hury up. Booking is still opened. But you can participate event without bokig too. You can look for requirements here: https://ukbb24h.vacc-ua.org/#event-terms
  3. ES looking for first (in list) STAR or SID available for first active runway. ES will find and [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign fisrt found STAR for first of active RWYs.
  4. Is any way to get Controller VatsimID from PlugIn? I can't find any function in header file to get it.
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