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  1. Did this on the previous try and it gave this error; on the second reinstallation it worked. I don't know what I forgot the first time, but I'm happy it seems to work now. Thank you!
  2. Hello guys, I'm trying getting back after... many years. Well, Euroscope 3.2 is downloaded from the euroscope website, installed on a windows 10 virtual machine and it seems to work almost well. Problem is: in the sector download dialog, I'm able to choose the provider and get their list. For example for the LIxx Italy files, I can download the second file as you can see, but for the first one (LIXX ItalySettings) when I click "Download" the following message appears and I have no idea how to run around this issue: I've already tried to run the euroscope executable as an ad
  3. Had to spend all the day removing malware from my pc I use for FS&ES, too. also the ES mantis page is hacked. I've sent an email to the ES support address yesterday, no reply so far.
  4. Hello vatsimmers! Starting from April 6th at 0000z, in Italy a new atc facility will be available. You'll find it online as LIUP_CTR (its radio callsign is Italy Radar) and it will provide atc in the upper airspace of LIMM LIRR LIBB firs above FL195 when those centers are not online. With LIUP_CTR we aim to provide you more atc at least while en-route over Italy when all those centers are not connected. Feel free to ask here any question about the facility! vRoute (thanks to the developer Michal Rok) has been already updated to show LIUP_CTR, QuteScoop (thanks to the developer Jonas Ebe
  5. Do I have to log it and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] to you the logfile (.txt) ? I'll post my personal wish list then, so you can help me too
  6. I hope it will be then! I've asked it months ago IIRC
  7. I've intentionally tried a wrong identification... I've manually correlated a radar blip to the flightplan of another aircraft: the result was that the tag of the blip disappeared. Then the weird thing: I went to the Display settings dialog, put the simulator mode in "simple euroscope" and noticed that even if that aircraft changed transponder code, I'll always see the code he had when I did the intentional wrong correlation. PS: aaah if you included me in the betatesters months ago...
  8. ok how about the custom color for uncorrelated planes?
  9. That's what I was missing. Now I just need to get all uncorrelated aircraft coloured in yellow.
  10. I've also included a shot of the settings, hope it helps. My thought is: If ES has implemented correlation (= know that radar symbol is ABC123 when the squawk of the FP is the squawk of the radar symbol), it can't be possible that when just connected it shows me that 2 aircraft close to my airspace are concerned if: - I've never clicked on them - I've totally disabled FP track - I've totally disabled mode S - I've untagged the "show simulated aircraft" in the quick set menu - They're both squawking 2200
  11. I am getting confused with 3.1a... Question 1: Why some concerned but anyway uncorrelated aircraft are shown as concerned if I've never correlated them? Question 2: How can I set a specific color for uncorrelated aircraft?
  12. Any chance a "customization" could be made in the next version?
  13. Hi. I've just bought a Samsung T240HD display (24'' lcd), which on my Ati Radeon X1300 512Mb video card can reach 1900x1200px resolution. If the monitor is connected to the pc via VGA (blue cable), Euroscope can smoothly reach 1900x1200px resolution with no problems. Instead, if I connect it to the pc with the DVI (white cable) interface, Euroscope will flicker at that high resolution (image appears and disappears quickly). As soon as I close Euroscope, or make it run at a simple 1280x1024, everyhing returns fine. Do you have any idea if I can fix this issue? Just for info, display
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