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  1. A direct routing can also be a separation tool therefore please have a second thought before rejecting such an instruction.
  2. Gents, In accordance to GRP local competency is required too before a member is eligible to man a position without being mentored. Each and every local facility is required to hold such a roster/list on their website. In regards of the major airports/special airspace, it means that regardless if you have achieved the ratings in your home vACC, you cannot man this airspace/airport without a further examination due to its complexity/traffic levels.
  3. VATSIM European Division is currently accepting applications for a new members support manager position. This is a very specific and important position in VATEUD as it represents one of the first contact points between a new member and VATSIM staff in general. Because of this, the position requires a person with a very specific skill set that can cater to new members' needs. Some of the responsibilities include: Generating frequent new members' list and signup statistics Getting in touch with members who register but not connect to the network Ensure vACCs have information about new
  4. A city you never get bored of, regardless of how many times you've been there, pair this with our convention and it is the perfect match. See you there
  5. Hello Damon, Currently Georgia is neither part of our Open Skies sectors nor an FIR covered by a vACC. If you are interested in controlling in Georgia please leave us an email at director [at] vateud.net and we will coordinate this. However, if you are interested only in flying within the area, this has nothing to do with the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ignment of the FIR either the existance of a local facility. Best Regards,
  6. Congratulations Simon! Wish you the best on your new task.
  7. Hello all, There is a change currently happening within our ATC Department following the decision of Nicolas Ammann to step down from his position as EUD ATC Department Lead. We would really like to thank Nicolas for his time and dedication to both his role as EUD4 as well as the various positions he held at a vACC level. In the meantime,please join me congratulating Thorsten Raeth who is stepping up to EUD4, ATC Department Lead position and Morten Jelle who will join Thorsten as his deputy, at the ATC Department.
  8. Hello Nicholas, Currently the area is being re-developed. In the meantime if you would like to become an ATC in the area feel free to leave me an email: [email protected] Best Regards, Andreas
  9. Dear Steve, At first place welcome to VATSIM. At first place you may visit VATSIM Pilot Resource Center and VATSIM Scandinavia website where you may find specific information about Norway. Furthermore they have a forum that you might want to join also as well as a teamspeak server so you can be linked in better. Best Regards, Andreas Dermitzakis
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