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  1. No it isn't nor has it ever been. That is a Microsoft motto for their product. Take it then off the website then! This is the first thing people see when they go to the website. Why are we promoting something that at the end of the day, VATSIM doesn't support. If VATSIM doesn't support it, remove it. This is part of the problem. The BOG and the Founders need to get on the same page before anything getting talked about above gets done. https://prnt.sc/jwz2zz https://www.vatsim.net/about
  2. Controlling Side: 1) Accountability for peoples actions. Get rid of the politics. This is a game, not congress. Removal of politics will see the decrease in the decline of members. How to fix this? It starts with the founders, then goes to the BOG, then goes down from there. The founders need to set a strong presence of "We will not tolerate BS and child like behavior (which is all too common now in the staff side of controlling)" We don't get paid, we are volunteers. Treat us like volunteers, not like we're getting paid 3 figures. Pilots side: 1) VATSIM's motto is "As real as it
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