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  1. Thanks Anton, I'm already browsing Seems that EDDL ULLI would be a nice 2 hour hop. May this or next weekend... (need to get charts/sceneries first) Best regards, Jörg PS: I need to find out the RVSM leaving point the route that the route finder gave me - it probably would be SORLA? SUKAM UZ717 AMALI UM864 KOLJA UM611 SORLA UP862 LIMAK B479 KE
  2. Great Thread and good information. I suggest to make this a "sticky". Best regards, Jörg (who really needs to fly to Russia in the near future )
  3. Thank you all for your hints!!! I now do feel more confident to start flying VFR in the US In spring, some fellows and me will do south coast UK, guess, we'll use the summer to tour the US Any VFR places you can recommend in the standard FS2002/FS9 scenery? Thanks again and Best regards, Jörg
  4. Kiel, thank you for the link - this is really a good source for VFR charts (and it's in my bookmarks now )! Two more questions Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] B airspace: From another thread it became clear that there are no dedicated entry or exit points into cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] B airspace. So I request Clearance to enter the Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] B airspace from TWR (???) and get the permission. If I just want to cross the airspace, what would be the phraseology to leave the airspace? Flight Following: What would be the phraseology to cancel flight following? Which st
  5. @Tony good one!!! LOL!!! I'll try that next time Best regards, Jörg
  6. Hello, I searched the vatusa site but didn't quite find what I'm looking for. I know, how to fly VFR in our vARTCC, and I have some faint ideas about Airspace structure in the USA (and I know that VFR SQ is 1200 in the USA ). Other than that, I'm pretty lost regarding the subject of flying VFR in the USA (e.g. what do I have to do to fly in Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] B airspace and do the "scenic tour" over NY?). Is there some "VFR 4 Dummies" somewhere that is accessable on the VATUSA page with the "Do's" and "Dont's" or anywhere else? Thanks in advance and best regards, J
  7. Hi Bo, as far as I know, "VATSIM" bases SIDs/STARs on what they are in real life (not DAFIF, which is incomplete and sometimes plain wrong). The different vFIRs/vARTCCs of VATSIM take a lot of effort to publish procedures as they are used in RL. For Users of MSFS, there is a great guy, Richard Stefan, who does provide current AIRACs for the different FMCs/FMSs that payware and freeware Software use. So if a SID/STAR is changed or Fixes/VORs/NDBs are changed, he incorporates it. So, I don't know anything about the X-Plane Navaids DB, but I guess, just using plain DAFIF data (
  8. Hi all, thanks for your replies. It was EDDL (Düsseldorf). I'll just offer taxi instructions and if I get an "unable", it's fine, too Best regards, Jörg
  9. Hi fellow X-Plane Pilots, as a controller, I have a question. I know, that you don't have such fancy sceneries of the airports and there fore, I don't have a problem when any X-Plane pilot asks me to leave the frequency (and log off) after vacating the runway. However, much to my suprise, on monday, an X-Plane driver managed to get to the correct gate, using the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned taxiways. Everything looked perfect on my radar screen. Now, should I be more demanding of the X-Plane Online Flyers or was that an add-on? I would be interested in your expectations
  10. My pleasure, glad that I could help. See you in the virtual skies! Best regards, Jörg
  11. Robert, go to the windows (or winnt) directory and find the file: squawbox.ini The important part there is the [sBWINDOW] section. mine looks like this: [EFISWINDOW] WINDOWLEFT=0 WINDOWRIGHT=275 WINDOWTOP=324 WINDOWBOTTOM=646 [SBWINDOW] SBWINDOWLEFT=0 SBWINDOWRIGHT=640 SBWINDOWTOP=0 SBWINDOWBOTTOM=321 It could well be that your values are screwed up and that SB is displayed "outside" the sbhost window. Best regards, Jörg
  12. Robert, I'm using FS2002 on a Win2000 machine here without any problems. Are you sure that you host a MP Session in FS2002 before starting SBhost.exe and SB itself? That's the main difference between FS2002 an FS9 (in FS9 you have to join the SBrelay session). Then, did you replace the ipaddr.txt file in the squawkbox directory with a recent version? The one that ships with the SB installtion is totally outdated. The content of the ipaddr.txt in the SB directory should look like this: ASIA-S BRAZIL-C EUROPE-C EURO
  13. Ruth, Thanks so very much for your links!!! I'm going to fly the south-coast of England VFR in the next month or so and I have looked desperately on the Vat-UK site for local airpsace structure and so on. Thanks again for providing those links - we'll be there when the winter is over (and hopeflully with SB3/FSInn so we can have "real VFR" ) Best Regards, Jörg
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