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  1. Before I start looking under the hood to see what I can see, thought I'd better ask here... Can Swift be run across a network on Wondows 10?
  2. Its not made for ease of installation or use is it lol? On the other hand, the amount of info available compared to XSB is pretty amazing! I think I'm pretty short of models though. All I have is the suggested Bluebell aircraft, and a bunch of those report as not working:-( Are there anymore models anywhere apart from those? However difficult to get running, I'm seriously in awe its power AND that its FREE! Thank you to all concerned in its production.
  3. Many thanks guys. So at times like this if flying online but with no ATC, would I simply vector myself?
  4. Hi Guys Although I've been simming for many years, its only very recently i've started delving into real world routes, examining charts and looking into VATSIM. However, I seem to be getting confused by what are no doubt very simple questions... Would you please be kind enough to take a look at this very short flightplan, using airac data 1906 EGCC/23L KUXEM1Y KUXEM P17 NOKIN N862 RETSI BRI1A EGGD/27 (from Simbrief) What I'm struggling to understand, is how I'd transition from the BRI1A STAR, onto for example the RNAV approach for RW27 (or even just ILS27) at EGGD. Would I simpl
  5. For anyone interested, I found two SLEW plugins at xplane.org for download. Just search for slew in the files section. Only down side I can see is loosing the use of the Y key for other functions or typing text. Works though.
  6. Many thanks for the detailed reply - much appreciated. There's an almost overwhelming amount of info to absorb for a brand new VATSIM user lol. I'm spending hours just sitting at airports and listening. Good way to learn. I found why I couldn't [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign a controller button for push-to-talk... One of my other controllers (Saitek Throttle) was sending continuous 'noise' from a defective button (now isolated). I'm already using Vattastic and Vatspy, but they don't appear to provide what I was looking for. Using moving maps, I'm very used to being able to zoom right i
  7. I'm having real problems with this software..... It's driving me nuts:-( TRYING to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign a button on my yoke for push to talk, but the entry box doesn't flash when I click on '[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign' (as it does for key entry). It simply wont accept ANY button from ANY controller! Any ideas guys?
  8. Hi guys Any way to have VATSIM online traffic appear on any moving maps or charts etc when on the ground? Any way to display the label of my own aircraft on XSB? I dont see a command to bring up the text box - is there one? When text box does appear, its right in the middle of the screen and I don't see how to move it. Got a resize option but it wont drag or move:-( Thanks
  9. Hi and thanks for reply. Unfortunately, X-Plane doesn't do that in the same way as FSX or P3D. There's only a limited choice of where you can move to.
  10. Hi Guys Total noob to online simming here. My XSB text window appears right in the middle of my screen, but I can only see a size adjustment. Is there a way to move it up or down? Ta!
  11. If I 'spawn' onto a gate already in use, is there a way in X-Plane 11 to move sideways like in FSX and P3D?
  12. Its been suggested I cannot use vPilot with XP11. Is this correct as I prefer it to xSquawkbox?
  13. Although I've been registered here at VATSIM for a long time, I've never flown online. I'm starting to read through docomeentaion here, but have a few basic questions... Do I need to use X-Plane scenery addons that do NOT have 'static aircraft' ? What's the best (easiest) site or program to see what areas have controllers? Do I need to change any ActiveSkyXP settings to accommodate xSquarkbox? Should I turn OFF XP11 AI traffic? When I connect using xSquarbox, I'm getting black or grey aircraft, even after installing the CSL folder from X-Plane.org. What do i need to do? What's the 'ord
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