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  1. I got a problem with my Euroscope each that I uses it after some minutes the aircrafts stop to move and show about 60 NM out of the real place. I tried to remove all and reinstall be it's the samething but when I reinstall Euroscope already knew what is my name cid and the others things... But I was sure that Euroscope file and software were deleted and also Euroscope on My docomeents was deleted. What did I forget to delete. When I made another Windows account (user) the cid and name etc... were blank. How may I completly delete it? Thanks!
  2. Ok, I will check about that. Thanks for the time that you spent to help me!
  3. When I click on start multiple record playback on the ATIS marker it says Error: No file to play item '.' but on the folder it has the file. What should I do? Thanks!
  4. I see aircraft after some minutes about 60nm south that where they supposed to be with a wrong heading. What's the problem?
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