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  1. Yes I have tried that too but to no avail. I have just spent the afternoon setting up windows again after having reset it. It's been a slog! ...... and ES still will not save any of the settings that i change. What is going on? Can you jump on my PC maybe with Teamviewer and take a look possibly??
  2. I have just reinstalled it from scratch and it still will not save my settings!
  3. I have now made sure all the links are correct to the UK controller pack and can confirm that READ ONLY is NOT ticked on any of them!
  4. I can confirm that this IS the case
  5. So should everything in the 'settings type' box point to the UK pack ? I just find this software so confusing!
  6. Really not sure what you mean sorry!
  7. Yeah tried them all with no luck which Is why I posted here. I got fed up with not being able to get it to work so I sacked it off and reinstalled it. The only problem now is that it wont save any of my settings. I move boxes about the screen. Save everything on exit and when I go back in its not saved anything! What a complicated nightmare piece of software!!
  8. Been working fine for ages and last night this. I even downloaded it again and tried to run from the new .exe file and the same error. What is going on?? Can anyone help??
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