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  1. How about a double click on controller active, or right click and select to tune active radio? I don't have a radio panel now and that feature would be helpful instead of typing .com1 123.70 all the time. Cheers.
  2. Hello, For some reason after I did a computer restart, XSB is able to load now and I have successfully connected. I will do some more testing. Thank you.
  3. Hello XSquawkbox 64 bit is incompatible with the latest XP10 patch. I believe a large majority of us are reporting CTD when it loads -- http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?showtopic=81420&page=1 We would like to get online with Vatsim and XP -- any possibility of expediting a alpha/beta release so we can get online again? Thank you for the consideration.
  4. Not a controller, but was tuned into tower -- I had some guy crash his aircraft (I think it was KJFK) on the runway and started to go through emergency proceedures...
  5. I am glad to hear Hoppies platform is integrated on the Jeehell FMGS A320 (freeware!) cockpit builder avionics suite http://www.dalpi.de/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=61&Itemid=82
  6. Ah, there may be a discrepancy with my callsign.. okay will try again. Thank you Ross.
  7. I have filed a flight plan on the vatsim website using their web form. It was my impression the flight plan would be filed automatically on vatsim when I connect with a client? This does not happen and I have to manually file the plan again. Thank you.
  8. I was on IVAO using IVAp and there is an autotune feature by clicking on the controller. Thanks.
  9. Thank you. I wasn't aware of those commands.
  10. Thank you for vPilot, finally a way to get back on VATSIM without using the buggy FSINN program. I have one request - Is there a way to autotune your COM radios by clicking on the ATC controller? I am currently using a A320 cockpit builder suite (Jeehell, FMGS, its free) and it does not have any software or 2D panels to control the radios. Thank you. Ben
  11. Any news / updates? Any idea when the beta testing will open to the public, or to a select few?
  12. Day 3 on Vatsim, I think I'm getting the hang of this now. Finally bought a headset, and setup voice and mic to feed specifically into it; who would have known what a big difference communicating with voice does with the realism factor -- I don't think I can go back to text chatting. Still not use to some terminology, and I've got the ATC calling me out then and there for not repeating, but I guess its all part of the learning game Thank you ATC controllers for being so patient.
  13. Hi all, I just finish the NZAA to YBCG segment of Crossing the ditch and found this video online which is pretty interesting -- I travel this route in real life from Kuala Lumpur to the Gold Coast about 2-3 times a year. About what altitude level would you begin adjusting your heading? The RNAV approach requires you to go in at a 151 heading, the airport is at 142.
  14. Hey Wycliffe, thanks for the help. Flew out of Boston today, crazy traffic! It feels very surreal with a person manning the delivery, ground, controller, depart ; very cool. Now I only need to get better at re-programming my FMC while I'm flying!
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