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  1. Thank you for this update, Justin. I really appreciate it. It fixed my problems getting disconnected while filing flight plans.
  2. Let me know your preferred format of illustrating my problem, and I'll get to work on it. I can send an FPS log, I can record gameplay with OBS and upload the video to Twitch or Youtube, I can take screenshots of the whole monitor when X-Plane has and hasn't Windows' focus...I can jump through whatever arbitrary hoop you want.
  3. No no, it's not deferring the problem, it's taking away this false positive of sitting at a gate, performing final software functions in order to get started and actually fly. Well, kind of false positive: my FPS *is* low, but I'm saying it doesn't matter at all when I'm just sitting there. ATC complains about time dilation because they can't control *flying* aircraft. I imagine they don't care if I have 0.0001 FPS while sitting completely still and transponder off/standby. I could prefile, that's true. I don't know how and where currently, though. Obviously that's a completely differe
  4. Yes, that is my problem. The FPS disconnect system is working as intended. When alt-tabbed, my X-Plane FPS drops below the threshold. This is frustrating for me since I cannot file a flight plan after the FPS disconnect update, especially because I cannot continue filling out the flight plan window after the disconnect. Is there a way to take current ground speed from X-Plane, and if it averages less than 2 during the past 15 or 30 seconds (for instance! Just a number I throw out as a starting suggestion), ignore the FPS? I'm all for disconnecting for low FPS while taxiing or in flight
  5. I have a stable 30+ X-Plane FPS in my most demanding scenery zone. ...except when I'm in another window. When I'm in another window, X-Plane drops to less than half its FPS. This is a problem because I can't Alt-Tab out to the xPilot window to fill out and file my flight plan fast enough before I get disconnected for low FPS.
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