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  1. Awesome job! Not sure why I noticed it, but the download page says it's 5.6 MB, and my download was 8.4 =p
  2. I'm aware, though the majority that I've seen do this in a "top 5/top 10" way, often keeping those numbers regularly up to date. I can't see how repeated downloads over the month of all of your member's connections and then filtering by callsign is a better way than tracking the network callsigns and adding up the totals. The only advantage that would give you would be a few seconds accuracy at the cost of that huge amount of processing. Except now we are having to poll every two to five minutes, p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] through the entire stat feed, find our positions and record them (los
  3. Kieran, Most ARTCCs track how much their controllers have controlled on a month by month basis and display this. It's usually broken down by position as well. And yes, I too poll the stats server and if they disappear from the last poll, consider that the log off time. I poll this every five minutes (since I believe that's the frequency the data feed as published), and yes, it can provide a 4-5 minute error. If a controller logs thirty sessions in a month, that is a potential error of over two hours. Many ARTCCs like to recognize those who control the most, and a +/- of that scop
  4. Since it seems that getting a decent API to replace our datafeed is not going to happen anytime soon, is there any potential of an API being set up for us to pull data from the VATSIM Stats database? Specifically looking to compute controller hours, as well as which position they're logged in as. Right now we have to rely on the datafeed which gives very inaccurate numbers (since we can't tell exact time of disconnect). It appears the VATSIM stats database actually has accurate, to the minute data. It would be great if our websites could pull this. Thanks.
  5. It looks like the klain.net mirror is down for the vatsim data feed. Can it be removed from the servers file until it's resolved? Thanks.
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