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  1. yes, artccs are shaded, approaches are a ring, towers are a boxed T, ground is a boxed G, etc. etc. etc.
  2. zse does thats why i dont control anymore
  3. yeah thats nice, i dont think we have that. however we do have d-atis that is becoming easier to find.. like i said originally its now available in the fslabs airbuses thru the acars in the mcdu which is very handy. you can also get it through something like aeroweather app for your phone, or the mysterious https://datis.clowd.io/ site (seriously where is this from?) there also still are phone lines hooked directly into some airports atis's that just play on a loop.. you can find the phone numbers on skyvector or in the chart supplements other than that you can always just look
  4. point taken however, there are airports where there are sop's though that REALLY prefer one flow and vatsim doesnt really diverge from the real world.. im thinking klax in particular.. i think departs to the east maybe 2 or 3 days per year typically only when the santa ana winds really kick up. however on vatsim if the wind is 1 kt out of 090 you'll usually start getting random people departing east and making everyone whos sticking with the normal flow get anxious 🙂
  5. in the latest FSlabs a320 update, they added a feature in the ACARS atis function so that when there is no vatsim atis available, it pulls the real world FAA d-atis instead.. very handy. i know a lot of us have already been using various ways to get this info to use online when there is no controller, i wonder if its possible to do something like this on the network itself through the pilot clients.. possibly even make it recommended practice to use it (minimize "wrong" direction operations) i realize there is official policy to the effect of "uncontrolled is uncontrolled" but i sus
  6. could we just resize them ourselves? or remove altogether? i personally dont need the rating column
  7. and if their text is up, you can also get it thru acars if your aircraft has it (im thinking of fslabs in particular) this is probably more realistic than listening to it
  8. theres a dedicated vatspy forum here https://forums.vatsim.net/forum/273-vat-spy/
  9. the chat is inop. ERROR: The shoutbox server closed the connection. I will let you know when it's available again. also the sso login has been ganked out i finally found a way to login but like i said the chat is broken so i dont see nearly the amount of people
  10. vattastic. the vatsim viewing site much like vatspy but with a built in chatroom it seems to be half functional/broken for many months now?
  11. do all that.. and also listen to real atc https://www.liveatc.net/
  12. on the lists of pilots, show filed aircraft type? or even more sortable columns available? optionally? obviously if its not terrible trouble. only a wish 🙂
  13. yeah what robert said.. the way it minimizes to the system tray and you have to go in there and "restore" to bring it back up... not a huge thing once you know about it but its just a bit odd
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