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  1. Hi Michal, Hope you will succeed in implementing this wonderful airplane. I'll check the VROUTE whether it will be available. Thanks
  2. Sorry Randy, I did not know your status. I hope Michel will pick up this and get in touch with Majestic!
  3. Hi Randy, I have had contact with Majestic Software support. They wrote the following: Hello Jos You are welcome So the question is that vRoute need to support the export of the flight plan to our Q400, is it ? If so, they need to contact us in order to obtain the FMS flight plan data structures With best regards, Oleksiy Frolov Majestic Software Support Randy, can you do this?
  4. Thanks Randy, I'm going to the Majestic forum. As soon as I get some more info, I'll be back. Jos
  5. Thanks boys for your reaction. Indeed I see the support in the "Fuel"sheet and at the "Aircraft type" line, but I don't see it at the "Export format" line, or .....
  6. I just bought the MJC-Q400. Is it possible to add this plane to Route Database of VRoute, to get the route exported direct the flightplan into this plane (like e.g. PMDG)? Rgds
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