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  1. Hey All For those struggling with the disparity between the FSE airport DB (which is from FS9) and MSFS2020, here is a useful tool written by someone who is a regular in the FSE forums. He has done an exceptional job of helping to address this disparity. https://fse-aardvark-planner.co.uk/msfs-icaos/ Phil
  2. Congratulations from "across the pond" Simon! Couldn't have picked a better man for the job! Phil
  3. Hey All. Just curious. I found the instructions field in the scenario editor. Based on the error it gives me "Line 1 must include a timestamp" and despite a lot of trying, I cannot figure out the format of said timestamp. I was wondering if anyone had any insight on this field and it's usage? Looks like it has the potential to do some really interesting stuff, but I cannot find any docomeentation on it Thanks! Phil
  4. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get paid to fly for a corporate charter company??? Well now's your chance! Athena Air Services is not a traditional VA. We are a FSEconomy based group flying charter/cargo [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ignments throughout North America with a focus on Canada. We are based in Canada with operating bases in Toronto, Vancouver and Edmunston. We are honored to have just been accepted into VATSIMs VAA program. What is FSEconomy? FSEconomy is a multi-player "persistent world" add-on for flight simulators, with an economical focus. It is "persisten
  5. HAHAHAHA Nice Andreas Thanks sir Much appreciated
  6. Franklin... Which Pilot client are you using? If it is xsquawkbox I don't believe it supports towerview. I may well be wrong and hope someone can confirm, but I have never discovered anything indicating that xsquawkbox supports this. Perhaps swift might? I am unsure.
  7. LMAOOOO Still around and kicking Andrea How are you sir? Hope life is treating you well I see a lot of your posts arond here...busy man. I am keeping myself busy in Toronto playing with the VATCAN boys Phil
  8. DOH! Ok guys. My bad. I figured it out. .towerview can take an IP after it . I really should have checked the manual As soon as I connected it with the IP. All seemed to work. I will have to test when I get home, but for now, all looks well. Thanks! Phil
  9. Hey Guys! Hope everyone is well. I have ES running on my laptop and I control etc through that. I have P3D on my desktop. All my flying there. I have vPilot host/remote mode working beautifully. So my flights are fantastic. However, I would like to use towerview in vPilot on the desktop. And I am struggling to get it to work. Most of the time I just don't see anything or I get connection errors. Is there something I am missing? some parameters: 1. I am connecting to VATSIM using ES on the Laptop and I have the proxy on. 2. I have tried running vPilot with desktop
  10. Hey Guys My 2 cents. I don't think you need an overriding rule on this. There is already pretty decent guidelines out there. Ultimately, first come first served, squeeze them in when you can, if not, take 'em on a road trip Phil
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