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  1. Hello, I applied for a controller position a while back but I guess it never went trough. Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance...
  2. Right now I fell that I've beign shot down by some members for expressing how someone feels about an event. For not having a complete understating how an event works and admitting that. Right now I don't even feel like flying on vatsim anymore. There for Ive requested that my membership to be cancelled.
  3. WOW... Look at this thing. I guess I'm not allowed to post how I feel about an event. I even had someone going out of his way looking at my stats and noob errors and never the less taking his time to post it. To the guy that took his time... I'm new at Vatsim. I'm learning and getting better at it. Of course I have made some errors and at times have done some stupid moves in the air and yes I've disconnected because i didn't wanna make a fool of myself and interrupt other pilots and controllers. Thank you for pointing it out that when I file my plans I've filed 340 and instead I should've hav
  4. I guess none of you were flying into ewr while all the controllers were signning off and did not get to experience what the situation. I understand what you guys are saying about time. Besides the comment that someone posted about going to a store by Diego, it makes sense.
  5. Well i can understand that but with some plannig they should've allowed for some overtime. leaving while there are plenty of planes in the airspace it's just wrong. I've played in other events where the controllers would stay at least until most of the traffic would've landed or at the minimun a managed airspace where pilos would be able to fly without a controller. Next time i'd suggest more planning for this events especially on an event this magnitude around NY.
  6. content removed by mod. you can't use tricks to circomevent the potty mouth filters. - kwr 810181
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