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  1. If I move the existing folder to a safe place then to revert back to version 1 can I simply move the entire folder back to the original location?
  2. Is it a small percentage who don't file an incorrect code? Because if so, why not have the controllers ask for the correct code form those so the rest of us don't have to report it during clearance?
  3. Interesting approach. Answer this for me: I have FSX and a few dozen World of AI models. But there are a lot of aircraft missing. I only want to use AI when flying on VATSIM and only for online VATSIM aircraft. Would MyTraffic6 be a good solution? How is the frame rate? Thanks for any advice.
  4. I'm glad you asked this question because I've been wondering it a lot myself. I fly most of the time in Germany and Swiss airspaces and always give my aircraft type. I do it because some ATIS ask for it and I figure I should give it because what harm does it do. But the flight plan tells what aircraft type so really isn't it a waste (albeit a small waste) of time to do this?
  5. I want to try one of the beta versions but I want to be sure that I can revert back to my stable version. So how can I go back to an earlier version if I try out the beta?
  6. I know your deadline has already p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed and maybe vPilot is not the place to do this: But since the p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] errors are still coming. Is it possible to have an option in vPilot to ignore (not display) p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] error messages?
  7. I guess it would be too difficult to stop the bad packets from propagating from the server even if a client sends it?
  8. Any news on the P[Mod - Happy Thoughts] Error messages? I'm still getting them sporadically.
  9. Yeah, that's not happening on my version. 1.0.3719.41261 I thought I had the latest version. Maybe there are some old support files I didn't update? I'll send you PM with my email if I can find where to do the PM!
  10. Tuesday (Jan05) 18:38Z and EDWW_CTR is online and on the map EDWW FIR is highlighted. Same for LSAS_CTR. But both EDGG_E_CTR and EDGG_T_CTR are online yet none of the area in Germany is highlighted on the map except EDWW.
  11. EGDD is something in the UK. [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming you meant EDGG, yes, that is valid Ahh yeah that's already in as Langen Radar. Should be okay. Do you mean it's in now or in the new release? It certainly isn't working now.
  12. They're showing online for me as EDGG_XX_CTR. Is there a particular designator that needs to be added? I'm not sure what you mean. When today for example EDGG_E or maybe it was EGDD_P was online, the map did not show the EDGG area highlighted.
  13. First Vatspy is fantastic (no pun). Can you add EDGG FIR areas to be highlighted when one of the EDGG controllers is online?
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