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  1. I just had time to test this myself and I am unable to reproduce this behavior. A single-click requests the ATIS and double-click tunes the COM1 frequency as intended.
  2. Hi Marc, Does this only happen when using the Zibo? What about a default aircraft, like the Cessna 172?
  3. Labels not drawing on secondary monitors is an X-Plane limitation. It’s being tracked here: https://github.com/TwinFan/XPMP2/issues/17
  4. I experienced this for the first time myself last night. It’ll be fixed in a future version.
  5. If it sounds just like the video that Cezar posted, then you have another AI plugin that is injecting engine sounds (because xPilot does not have any CSL object sounds).
  6. You can create a post in the AFV Forum: https://forums.vatsim.net/forum/353-windows/
  7. Richard, what is the sample rate of the microphone set to in the Windows Audio settings? If I remember correctly, AFV requires 48000 Hz. If changing the sample rate doesn't fix your issue, then it might be an AFV incompatibility.
  8. Can you upload your X-Plane log.txt? Also, feel free to join the xPilot Discord server for faster support. https://vats.im/xpilot-discord
  9. No, there is no workaround unfortunately.
  10. This is a known issue. The crash is being caused by an unknown bug in the X-Plane SDK. I’m working directly with the X-Plane developers to try to find a fix. No ETA on a fix at this time. If you want to stay apprised of any updates, please join the xPilot Discord server https://vats.im/xpilot-discord
  11. It looks like you extracted the facility file, which you should not do. You simply need to download it (keeping it as the .gz file) and import that into vATIS.
  12. Ben, have you submitted a bug report to Laminar? They are the ones that need to fix the Vulkan device loss/out of memory crashes.
  13. As I mentioned in the Discord channel, you will need to file a bug report with Laminar. I can’t do anything to help you with Vulkan device losses.
  14. The issue had been resolved.
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