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  1. There should be no reason why you can’t run a 32-bit program on a 64-bit machine... Regardless, the legacy pilot clients were retired to allow the network to update to newer and better technologies. You’re using a nearly 20-year old operating system, which has not been supported for quite some time, so expecting us to provide support and compatibility for your setup is not practical. Ultimately, if you want to continue to use VATSIM you’ll either need to figure out how to configure swift (that is, if it supports Windows XP...they have a very helpful Discord server, so I’m sure someone can
  2. Please provide the entire X-Plane log.txt. It’s preferred that you join the xPilot Discord server for support if you can. https://vats.im/xpilot-discord
  3. I see the log ended with THREAD FATAL ASSERT. You have a plugin that made an X-Plane API function call in a non-X-Plane thread, causing it to crash (which is a huge no-no in the X-Plane world). xPilot does not do this, so my knowledge ends here. The “Reference counter is 1 while object is being destroyed...” warnings are xPilot trying to clean itself up when it countered the crash – nothing to be worried about. Also, having multiple multiplayer plugins installed should no longer be an issue, since xPilot uses the X-Plane Instancing API.
  4. Thanks. That log indicates a Vulkan Device Loss, not an xPilot crash. You’ll need to file a bug report with Laminar.
  5. @Goran Anckers can you make the link public? It's telling me "Access Denied".
  6. The only difference between .36 and .37 was an added null pointer check, which would not inherently make it any less stable. In fact, it should make it more stable. If you were using AviTab 0.4.5, there was a bug in that version that caused X-Plane to crash if the user was using it with other multiplayer plugins (like xPilot, PilotEdge, IVAO, etc.). The 0.4.6 update fixes that crash. The random crashes that have been happening with xPilot are still being tracked, but at this time, no known fix is available. To date, I've never been able to reproduce the crash, which makes it increasi
  7. Thanks for the logs. The memory dump indicates it was a Nvidia driver crash: Unhandled exception at 0x00007FFE189C2569 (nvoglv64.dll)
  8. First off, I need the appropriate logs to even begin to look into the problem... just saying that X-Plane crashes does me no good. If you have AviTab, make sure you have the latest version (0.4.6 as of writing). There is a bug in earlier versions that causes X-Plane to crash when coupled with multiplayer plugins (like xPilot). If you don't use AviTab or you are already running v0.4.6 (or newer), then I will need the X-Plane log.txt (full log after X-Plane crashes). Additionally, I will need the .dmp and/or .rpt file if X-Plane produces one (found in output/crash_reports). I would sug
  9. Hi Marc, Please check your private messages. Thanks.
  10. I just had time to test this myself and I am unable to reproduce this behavior. A single-click requests the ATIS and double-click tunes the COM1 frequency as intended.
  11. Hi Marc, Does this only happen when using the Zibo? What about a default aircraft, like the Cessna 172?
  12. Labels not drawing on secondary monitors is an X-Plane limitation. It’s being tracked here: https://github.com/TwinFan/XPMP2/issues/17
  13. I experienced this for the first time myself last night. It’ll be fixed in a future version.
  14. If it sounds just like the video that Cezar posted, then you have another AI plugin that is injecting engine sounds (because xPilot does not have any CSL object sounds).
  15. You can create a post in the AFV Forum: https://forums.vatsim.net/forum/353-windows/
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