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  1. ”SELCAL code assignments have a few rules that are followed to make sure the radio systems are consistent in their usage. Firstly, a character may never be repeated, i.e. a code cannot use the ‘A’ twice. Secondly, the first character of each pair must be shown with the lowest alphanumeric character first, i.e. ‘A’ must be before ‘F’ or ‘D’ must be before ‘3’ or ‘5’ must be before ‘8’.” https://www.icao.int/SAM/Documents/2019-06901-SAMIG23/SAMIG23_WP12 SELCAL.pdf https://www.asri.aero/selcal/how-selcal-works/ If the OP can provide actual evidence that these rules are wrong, then
  2. xPilot rejects those SELCAL codes because they are invalid. SELCAL codes cannot contain duplicate characters.
  3. xPilot doesn't have a true master/slave functionality like vPilot does; only one copy of the actual client needs to be running. However, you can configure it to run on a different computer and/or configure additional "visual" computers. Install the xPilot client on the machine you want xPilot to be running on. If it's installed on a different machine than where X-Plane is installed, type the command .simip (where is the IP of the machine where X-Plane is running). If xPilot is running on the same machine as your master X-Plane instance, no need to specify the simip. I
  4. Can you export the facility and upload the file somewhere public (like Google Drive) and share the link here for me?
  5. Did you create a new facility or import an existing one? If you created one, what did you enter for the facility identifier?
  6. I am looking for feature requests or suggestions for the next version of vATIS. If you have a few minutes, please provide your feedback here: https://forms.gle/MRpxF2dMFEvvn6P26 Thank you.
  7. Just as the message says, you’re entering incorrect credentials, check again, especially for any extra leading or trailing spaces. If you’re newly registered, make sure you’ve completed the introductory pilot exam. Otherwise, you may have to request a password reset or reach out to the Membership department.
  8. I need the full log file as well as the dmp and/or rpt file from the crash (these can be found in the Output/crash_reports folder where X-Plane is installed). You’ll need to upload them to a file sharing website like Google Drive (just make sure to make the link public). Alternatively, you can join the xPilot Discord and get help there. https://vats.im/xpilot-discord
  9. Allow multiple display windows in vSTARS (similar to vERAM's .newdisplay command) Support taxiway labels for ground maps Ability to save profiles in vERAM Alphabetically sort altimeter list by station in vERAM Ability to assign beacon code from flight plan window in vERAM Inbound/Outbound aircraft list in vERAM Option to display all callsigns, regardless of transponder state Be able to easily differentiate between mode c and standby targets in the ASDE-X view .trackatis command in vSTARS Some sort of "request list" like VRC
  10. Make sure you’ve entered your VATSIM credentials correctly. AFV is case sensitive.
  11. It’s a server limitation, not an xPilot limitation. You can try removing items from the remarks if you have any.
  12. There should be no reason why you can’t run a 32-bit program on a 64-bit machine... Regardless, the legacy pilot clients were retired to allow the network to update to newer and better technologies. You’re using a nearly 20-year old operating system, which has not been supported for quite some time, so expecting us to provide support and compatibility for your setup is not practical. Ultimately, if you want to continue to use VATSIM you’ll either need to figure out how to configure swift (that is, if it supports Windows XP...they have a very helpful Discord server, so I’m sure someone can
  13. Please provide the entire X-Plane log.txt. It’s preferred that you join the xPilot Discord server for support if you can. https://vats.im/xpilot-discord
  14. I see the log ended with THREAD FATAL ASSERT. You have a plugin that made an X-Plane API function call in a non-X-Plane thread, causing it to crash (which is a huge no-no in the X-Plane world). xPilot does not do this, so my knowledge ends here. The “Reference counter is 1 while object is being destroyed...” warnings are xPilot trying to clean itself up when it countered the crash – nothing to be worried about. Also, having multiple multiplayer plugins installed should no longer be an issue, since xPilot uses the X-Plane Instancing API.
  15. Thanks. That log indicates a Vulkan Device Loss, not an xPilot crash. You’ll need to file a bug report with Laminar.
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