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  1. Okay. Unfortunately, I know nothing about that router so I won’t be of any help.
  2. Can you conform that the Vatsim.Fsd.ClientAuth.dll exists in the xPilot folder? If it does, make sure it’s not being blocked (I.e by an antivirus).
  3. Can you get to the https version of that URL? https://xpilot-project.org/api/v2/TypeCodes
  4. Can you whitelist the xpilot-project.org domain?
  5. Thanks, Michael. Please check your private messages.
  6. Can you locate the GloablExceptions.txt file in the xPilot app directory and upload its contents? By default, xPilot is installed in %localappdata%\xPilot.
  7. I'm a little stumped on this one... Can you go to this link in your web browser and copy and paste the content you see? http://xpilot-project.org/api/v2/TypeCodes
  8. Are you able to reproduce this issue each time you load xPilot?
  9. Wow... calm down mate! It’s not the end of the world. There is a small bug that is causing this for some people - restarting xPilot seems to fix it. Join us on Discord and we can get you sorted out if you’re still having troubles.
  10. I completely dropped the ball on this one, so I take full responsibility and blame for it. I made the decision to deprecate old versions of xPilot for three reasons: I'm not providing support or maintaining the code for older versions any longer To keep xPilot from being stuck in a "perpetual" beta state To open the xPilot codebase
  11. If you are getting an Unauthorized Client Software error, you will need to upgrade to the latest version of xPilot. Versions prior to 1.3.21 have been permanently disabled.
  12. This is actually already possible 🙂 If you click the color box next to "Label Color", it will open a color picker. Great idea - I'll add it to the list. Thanks!
  13. Do you have the "Keep xPilot window visible" option enabled?
  14. Version 1.3.21 of xPilot is now available for download from the web site, or via the automatic update utility built into the pilot client (if you have the "Alpha" update channel selected in the settings). The following items were changed, added or fixed in this version: xPilot is now open-source Client configuration file is now serialized in JSON. Upgrades from earlier versions will require reconfiguration. Add volume knob control override option Add option to change the aircraft label distance Improve NetMQ message queuing Update XPMP2 library It is very important that you close X-Plane completely before installing xPilot. Failure to do so will prevent xPilot from being installed correctly. This version marks the first Stable version of xPilot since its initial release. I did not anticipate keeping xPilot in beta/alpha for such an extended time, but I felt now was a good time to transition its development stage as to not keep tagging it as a "perpetual beta". I believe for the most part all of the major issues that caused crashes have now been addressed. If your X-Plane does crash and the log suggests that xPilot was the culprit, please file a bug report.
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