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  1. I don’t own a VR headset so I don’t have a way of testing this, so I probably won’t be able to do anything to fix it. Looking briefly at the logs in the links you posted, none of them indicate that xPilot caused X-Plane to crash. All the logs end with --=={This application has crashed!}==-- If it’s an xPilot crash, it would normally end with --=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: xPilot}==-- If there’s a crash dump from the crash (rpt or dmp file, located in the output/crash_reports folder in the X-Plane application folder), then upload it to a file
  2. Then remove FSCloud. 😀
  3. Are all four monitors connected to the same computer? Or do you have a network of computers to drive your simulator visual screens?
  4. Metal data? The only time that xPilot would do anything with a METAR is when displaying it in the client window if the user requests it (from the network) using the .metar command. xPilot does not communicate with any aircraft, other than via X-Plane datarefs to control radio, transponder, etc.
  5. I’m out of ideas, sorry.
  6. Does this only happen after you're connected to the network? If so, I would guess that the JAR A320 might be crashing as soon as xPilot requests to enable TCAS control, in which case, it's an issue with the aircraft and not xPilot. This is just a guess, though. I don't have the JAR A320, so I can't test this theory.
  7. xPilot doesn't interface with any aircraft so I'm not sure what would be causing it to crash. Does X-Plane produce a crash report (either a dmp or rpt file) found in the output/crash_reports folder? If so, please upload it to a file sharing website such as Google Drive and share the link here. Please also upload the X-Plane log.txt (be sure to capture the log after the crash occurs). Upload and share the link to the log as well.
  8. If you downloaded xPilot from the xPilot website or via the automatic update tool, then it's a false positive. You will need to whitelist xPilot in your antivirus if you wish to use it.
  9. You can find a change log on the xPilot website. http://xpilot-project.org
  10. Hi Jesus, Can you give this version a try? https://cdn.xpilot-project.org/Setup/xPilot-Setup-1.3.31.exe
  11. You must have another plugin installed that is causing this. xPilot does not inject any sounds into the sim.
  12. The link you provided is restricted. Can you make it public?
  13. There’s not much I can do without an X-Plane crash report, sorry.
  14. I need the raw files, please. Upload them to a file sharing website like Google Drive and share the link.
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