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  1. If you are running the latest version: 1. Go to Settings < Active Protection 2. Next to File System Shield, click Customize 3. Uncheck the box that says "Scan programs when executing" I know it is a complete disabling of the feature, but you will still remain fairly secure
  2. Martin: Which version of avast do you have? I think I found a solution.
  3. Mathew, Glad you are enjoying Vatsim. I can say with complete certainty that you have been forgiven for any mistakes that you might have made during your first flight! When you say this is a learning experience, you are absolutely correct. Remember, though, that learning a new skill takes time. You definitely have an advantage in that you are familiar with pilot navigation expectations and the limits of your sim. So long as you keep your background knowledge in mind, transmitting over a busy or congested frequency will become second nature to you. Don't worry about it, and have fun!
  4. I'm not a programming expert, but I will try to help I think the error log is saying that the program can't find or understand any of the data. Maybe try reinstalling the data? ...and now I will leave this thread in more capable hands! Ross?
  5. One of the problems with that idea, while I would support it, is keeping the database updated. I believe the developers of FSINN tried this, only to find that they could not keep an updated database of every suggested ICAO code. Vatsim organizers would probably not support this, given that they have advocated in the past for service over extra amenities (a centralized booking system, if I remember reading about that) I actually enjoy the prospect of your idea, but I'm not sure how others would feel about it.
  6. To the OP: Welcome to vatsim and I hope you enjoy it! Also, (if you didn't know) flyawaysimulation.com is a website that charges a subscription fee for freely-available files on flightsim.com and library.avsim.net. You should try and find updated scenery for every airport you intend to fly into, because FSX info is hopelessly outdated by default Good luck!
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