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  1. I recently upgraded my vPilot to 2.3 and since than I am unable to login to VATSIM, it is unable to get records of the servers and uses the old IP Addresses for the servers list, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling a fresh new vPilot install but no avail. I have tried whatever I could do, it appears the IP Addresses that the vPilot stores currently are old and do not work anymore. It wont get new IPs automatically. Please advise a solution. Thanks. (Already checked firewall etc all good)
  2. Dear Deepan I am very thankfull to you for your constant help and would be waiting for your reply.
  3. Dear All Readers VATPAK development preperation has started and the group is being led by me. We need helpers for this division. This is not a easy task as we need lots experience controller, web designer, instructors etc to help us building the division. We need ATC , Chief of training & ATCO Training Specialist at VATPAK. For further information please email Removed in interim. And yes the logo of VATPAK has been made and is given below;
  4. Dear All Readers As we all know that currently there is NO Pakistan Division at VATSIM we are planning to make a Pakistan Division for VATSIM i would need some guidance in this regard. Earlier around a year ago it was heard that VPIA was starting VATPAK however they did not start VATPAK. So we are planning to have VATPAK. It is to be noted that VPIA took vatpak.net domain but did not do any work for VATPAK so i think it should be our turn now so please give me guidance in this regard. Waiting for your responses. You can also email me at [email protected] Thanks Ahad Imran ad
  5. Pakistan International Airline Simulation Virtual "Flying Feathers of Pakistan" I would like to introduce you all to a new Virtual Airline simulating PIA with pure accuracy on the means of Flight Simulator. Our virtual airline is know as "PIAS" or "Pakistan International Airlines Simulations" What is PIAS Virtual? PIAS (Pakistan International Airlines Simulation Virtual) is Pakistan's third virtual airline. We simulate Pakistan International Airlines, the flag carrier of Pakistan.PIAS (Pakistan International Airlines Simulation Virtual) was relaunched on 14th October 2011 by Ahad Imr
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