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  1. I would like to see 2 changes to the voice list. 1. i would like to be able to give a different color to people on my primary frequency OR the option to only show people on the primary frequency. When im listening in to tower as an approach controller i wanna be able to see whether someone is still on my freq or switched to tower. 2. i would like to see who's transmitting (maby highlighting the callsign). because its really annoying when people have an open mic and you can't tell who it is.
  2. Euroscope crashes when i connect the ATIS. i use no pluggins. Problem Event Name: BEX Application Name: EuroScope.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 57a77fb9 Fault Module Name: MSVCR100.dll Fault Module Version: 10.0.40219.325 Fault Module Timestamp: 4df2be1e Exception Offset: 0008af3e Exception Code: c0000417 Exception Data: 00000000 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1043 Additional Information 1: 3d0f Additional Information 2: 3d0f327694db07bf55c905e252be7d86 Additional Information 3: d5b0 Additional Information 4: d5b0bdce3eab823418c8ae
  3. This only works in radar mode. I would like to use this in easy ground mode. It will make finding planes a lot easier withouth loosing the ability to see what the plane is facing.
  4. There still is a bug where the airplanes have [Mod - lovely stuff]py performance data. An A330 lands with 110 knots for expample while a 737 lands with 130 knots. Is there an easy or temporary fix for this?
  5. Output device not working. I hear ATC over my speakers no matter what i select. Even when i select the speakers of a monitor thats not even on it will still work over my default speakers. Edit: Restarting my PC fixed this issue
  6. Example: i cant get the plane that landed on runway 24 to vacate to the LEFT at S2. Every plane exits to the right RWY 24 EXIT:24:S2:RIGHT:20 COORD:N052.17.46.048:E004.45.20.059 COORD:N052.17.45.948:E004.45.16.711 COORD:N052.17.47.169:E004.45.13.559 COORD:N052.17.48.608:E004.45.12.078 ;S2R EXIT:24:S2:LEFT:20 COORD:N052.17.45.965:E004.45.19.936 COORD:N052.17.44.785:E004.45.17.406 COORD:N052.17.44.250:E004.45.17.105 COORD:N052.17.43.418:E004.45.17.430 COORD:N052.17.42.931:E004.45.17.886 ;S2L COORD:N052.17.40.746:E004.45.20.081 COORD:N052.17.40.407:E004.45.20.562 COORD:N052.17
  7. Thats a another quick fix but it doesn't solve the issue, you want me to tell all the mentors that they need to put all the planes near the holding point behind the one before with an [Mod - lovely stuff]py function that doesnt always work? Its a lot of work we dont have time for or at least dont wanna spent time on while doing a busy ground scenario. another bug. when a plane is on an ILS and you want to use the TAG function to let him vacate, if there is another runway nearby he might pick that runway instead. it should be based on the runway that is selected for that plane to land
  8. I agree with Mark, This is really annoying and there should just be 2 button functions, one with the drag option and one without. Switching to right click might be a temporary quick fix but doesnt really fix the real problem.
  9. Setting the body size to 0 is only working partly, When taxing the planes will not crash but when you let 2 planes taxi to the same spot they will in fact crash. Since a lot of the times you let the planes taxi to the same holding point (especially with the new taxilines), there is still is a big change mentors will struggle with crashes and cant focus on the mentoring part. Crash detection should be completely off. One more bug: Its really annoying when there is a tag under the Buttons (edit: ribbon) at the top of your screen, since when you try to click (lets say) new taxi r
  10. oke, ill just have to tell the mentors then what callsign to use. One more question. is it possible to turn crash detection off by default? it is pretty annoying when testing/making a scenario and one more bug. Its not possible to delete planes via the scenario editor. To delete planes i need to go into the .txt file and delete them manually. Next to that when you create a new plane it will then also make a duplicate ABC plane witch then needs to be manually removed every time.
  11. AHHH so you right click the active route to get the predefined routes, might be so obvious when you know it, but when you dont.... Tried it and it worked Is there a way to put the initial pilot on the guy that runs the scenario? Since with most our scenario's it doesnt matter what callsign the mentor uses. I dont wanne force every mentor to use specific call signs for specific scenario's I tried to put it on ALL and that obviously doesn't work
  12. Thanks for your reply. Just to be clear. i made the taxiroutes for use with sweatbox (The Bright green line). However i didn't make the sector file (every other line) that honor goes to someone else some time ago. I think its based on the aerosoft one yes. at least it aligns with that one perfectly. I did use just notebook and .sline About the predefined routes: I toughed you could put an heading behind the VOR as in SPL280, when i just use normal points (SPL/1000 BANSO/2000) it works. I also tried to hold a plane over SUGOL and it did also work, however i still dont get how i ca
  13. Hello guys, I took on the job of configurating all the taxiways at Schiphol airport. After a couple of evenings of work the layout with all the taxiways are done. Next to some small issues: - Not enough space on screen for all the gates under the Direct ribbon. - Cant select preferred taxi direction (A is clockwise / B is counter clockwise at Schiphol) Im now having some problems with making new scenario files. First of all... bugs: - When you startup euroscope and start editing a scenario via the Scenario Editor everything is fine. But when you do it after you did connect euro
  14. its working now thanks a lot. have a mentor session with one of my students in 30 minutes so this solved it great.
  15. not getting any errors. planes just dont pop up in euroscope and instead of saying "Sweatbox" in the top left corner it says "vatsim" the planes do show in the simulator (training) dialog they just dont show on the map im not using any exterior software.
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