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  1. Online Connections displayed on a Map : https://map.vatsim.net Online Connections in Table/List format : https://stats.vatsim.net/who.html
  2. You can get information about about online activities on VATSIM's official Statistic Center : https://stats.vatsim.net
  3. Hello to all , Few months ago , I wanted to learn PHP and MySQL and do something for the community as well. Back then I was Director - VATWA Division and we didn't have a centralized resource website or a member management tool . So I decided to make a simple VATWA HQ which would be simple yet attractive to indulge members in divisional activities. Before I tell you anything more , I would like to re iterate the fact that the HQ is very basic. On a scale of 1 - 10 , its barely 3. Some techniques and methods used may be very inefficient and depreciated. So I don't mind if you have a good laugh by looking at the amateur noobish code The VATSIM West Asia HQ is based on Conventional PHP and MySQLi which uses VATSIM SSO for authentication. Templated by AdminLTE version 3. It can be used for Region , Division/ARTCC or vACC The Pilot/ATC Resources links in the HQ hard coded with Google Drive Links ( I found it easier and less work to edit the links manually rather than making a separate database for it ) Features : 1. Event Management 1.1 RealOps Flight Bookings with Email Alert 1.2 Event gets displayed on Calander 2. ATC Application Management 2.1 Visitor/Resident Application Management with Email Alert 2.2 ATC Roster with vACC/FIR Authorisations 2.3 Adding/Deleting Solo Validations 3. ATC Training Session Management 3.1 Instructor - Student slot management with Email Alert 3.2 Student Training Notes feature to keep track of previous training sessions. 4. ATC Bookings 4.1 ATC Slot bookings connected to VATBOOK 5. Routes Database 4.1 Aeronautical Routes database with NOTAM Retrival and VATSIM Pre - File Option 6. Quarterly Reports 6.1 Semi Automatic Quarterly Reports in directly in PDF Format 7. Divisional News Automatic News is generated when a new ATC Application is accepted or when an event is created or when a ATC member's authorisation are changed. 8. 3 Level Access Level 0 : Master Admin Level 1 : Training Admin Level 2 : Events Admin You will need a VATSIM SSO key. If you don't know what that is , refer the SSO Board : viewforum.php?f=134 Link for the Repository : https://github.com/ShrikarG/vatwahq If you decide to use it , please let me know. I would be very happy to see my work being used by someone else Please do not hesitate to contact me via my email : [email protected] for any reason. I would be more than happy to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist you.
  4. Hi ! You can create a ticket in the VATME HQ and [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign it to Northern Africa Division Staff. https://hq.vatme.net/support/create
  5. Hi Siddharth, Send an email to [email protected] requesting division change and everything will be sorted. If you haven't already checked our division website please do : http://vatsimwa.com http://hq.vatsimwa.com
  6. During my tenure with VATWA as a Division Director , I have had many wonderful experiences, learned a lot and also made many friends. With all this, it has been a hard decision for me to go ahead with the change. Sometimes few incidences occur out of nowhere and decide to screw up your life and your hobbies. I can't explain how much I have enjoyed working for VATWA. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for all the good times. Lastly, I am very thankful to all the vACC Staff , Members and Visitors here for the cooperation and support extended to me during my time here. It’s a small world and technology we work with makes it even smaller, so I am sure our paths will cross again in the future. Its definitely not a goodbye - I will see you on my Scope and on your TCAS Regards ,
  7. VATWA Library is now West Asia HQ! It includes : - vACC Authorizations - Events Management and Flight Bookings/RealOps - ATC Training Management System http://hq.vatsimwa.com/
  8. Position: Sri Lanka and Maldives (SRM) vACC Deputy Director [ACCSRM2] Duties: 1.Reports to the SRM vACC Director. 2.Maintains an active online presence within the vACC, including Forum and Discord, and on the VATSIM network. 3.Functions as a vACC Staff Member and attends periodic meetings as necessary. 4.Helps develop new members and ensures they have the resources to succeed in SRM vACC 5.[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ists in management of the roster. 6.Any other duty [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned by the Director. Requirements: 1.Must be over 21 years of age. 2.Must hold a C1 Rating with minimum 2 years on VATSIM. 3.Experience as a mentor. 4.Should preferably have past experience in staff roles or other managerial positions. 5.Must be a member in good standing of VATSIM with a clean record/no history of unprofessional behaviour. 6.Must at least dedicate 5 hours a week for Deputy Director roles. 7.Availability on Weekends and comfortable with Local Time Zone. 8.Should give a minimum commitment of 1 year on the staff position. Applications should include: 1.Full name, active e-mail, and VATSIM CID. 2.Resume with VATSIM Activities and Records. 3. Your intentions and ideas (if any) for developing the vACC. By sending an application , you are also giving an consent to the staff to do a background check on your CERT. Note : The Division Staff would like to make few things very clear. This is a time demading position. We expect that the applicant can dedicate a considerable amount of time till SRM is a stable vACC with few pilots and ATC. We want a member who can deliver results. We want a member who can build a community , who have good people skills. We want learning and fun to go together. Not everyone has the same intention of flying on VATSIM, so we want someone who can make an environment of both learning and enjoying. We don't want any politics here ; we have had enough experiences in the past and we are tired of cleaning up all the mess. The member should apply only and only if he has a genuine interest in developing the region. The Deputy Director will be given access to all Social Media platforms - Divsion Facebook Page , Discord , Community Forums , Library Templates ,etc. Access to vACC website will remain with ACCSRM1 only. All interested applicants should send their applications to [email protected] with CC to [email protected] and [email protected] The application period will remain open until this position is filled.
  9. Congratulations Nathan! Glory to the Great White North!
  10. Aah sadly no. I will try and use it in future versions. Thank you for your kind words and help
  11. The VATWA Division is pleased to announce that we have updated our Central Resources Website - - VATWA Library. The website is still in Development phase ; A lot of things are planned to be added. We would be very happy to hear any feedback or constructive criticism from you. http://library.vatsimwa.com/ Change Log : 1. New Design 2. Added Scenery List for FSX/P3D and XPlane (WIP). 3. Re - organised the website for better access. 4. Added Social Media Links for all vACCs. 5. Online ATC List for all vACC.
  12. Thank You Kieran . However , my website isn't integrated with SSO. So I don't think I would be able to use it. I am no expert in php coding etc etc Just trying to make a simple website with all the below average skills that I have. I have used your API codes (VATSIM Data Handler) . I hope you don't mind would surely include your name in the credits.
  13. Hello to all , I am looking to update my Divisional website. I wish to add few statistics like Number of Divisional members , Number of Members in Each vACC , etc. Unfortunately , we don't have an HQ to facilitate these statistics. Is there any other way I can get these statistics to use on the Divisional Website? Thank You.
  14. The VATSIM West Asia Division is pleased to announce that we have combined all vACC's Discord into one single Server. Rules , Regulations and Invite : http://library.vatsimwa.com/discord/
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