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  1. Finally, it took around 2 days to get the badge updated and displaying 1000 hours but now it is there, making me so happy !Thanks for creating those badges; very nice work .
  2. That was it. Thanks. It looks better now .And I'll wait a bit to see if it finally displays 1.000 hours. I made all this just for the badge
  3. I've just p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed the 1.000 hours milestone but my badge still displays 500 hours . Is there a delay before the badge gets updated? Also, I've edited my sig with [img=http://pcflyer.net/indicators/pilotbadges/1217546.png] but it does not appear down there. What's wrong? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I use a mix of UT2 and World of AI packages for vpilot's model matching. It is almost perfect, just a few liveries are missing. Among them, there is FEDEX. There are some WOAI packages for this but with only a few planes. Does anybody have a complete AI package for the FEDEX fleet? Thanks.
  5. Hi, Most of the AI packages does not contain any model of the beautiful Concorde. Having the FSLabs Concorde installed on my rig, I've made a custom model matching rule to have it displayed on VATSIM: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <ModelMatchRuleSet Folder="" UpdatedOn="3/1/2014 6:40:00 PM"> <ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="BAW" TypeCode="CONC" ModelName="Concorde (Capt) BAUF OAF" /> <ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="AFR" TypeCode="CONC" ModelName="Concorde (Capt) AF FB" /> <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="CONC" ModelName="Concorde (Capt) BART 94A" /> <
  6. Good news. I've also noticed the the rules for Lufthansa are missing (callsign DLH). I added them on my side but it would be nice to include them in a future release. Here are the lines to add: <ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DLH" TypeCode="A318" ModelName="F1UT2_320.LH.LH" /> <ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DLH" TypeCode="A333" ModelName="F1UT2_333.LH.LH" /> <ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DLH" TypeCode="A343" ModelName="F1UT2_343.LH.LH" /> <ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DLH" TypeCode="B733" ModelName="F1UT2_733.LH.LH" /> <ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefi
  7. Hi, Yesterday, I came accross a plane with a "B747" typecode and noticed that it was not recognised by vpilot. I'm aware that "B747" is not a valid typecode but I think this is a common mistake. After looking at the modele matching rules, I noticed that this typecode is not in the "SimilarAircraftTypes.txt". I added this typecode and, by the way, added B707, B727, B748, B757, B767. I read in another topic that the "SimilarAircraftTypes.txt" file will be overwritten when updating vpilot to a newer version. How to be sure to keep those modifications? Is it possible to include them to the "S
  8. You can change the default aircraft to any model you want. It's right at the bottom of the Model Matching tab in the Settings Window.Got it but will it work if I enter this in the text box: "Airbus A321//Airbus A321 Paint2//Airbus A321 Paint4//Airbus A321 Paint5"?
  9. I made it The trick is to modify the "FSX Default Aircraft.vmr" and edit the lines for the planes concerned (B738, B747, A320 and CRJ7). Here's a copy of the lines I changed: <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="CRJ7" ModelName="Bombardier CRJ 700//Bombardier CRJ 700 Paint1//Bombardier CRJ 700 Paint2//Bombardier CRJ 700 Paint4" /> <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B744" ModelName="Boeing 747-400//Boeing 747-400 Paint1//Boeing 747-400 Paint2//Boeing 747-400 Paint4//Boeing 747-400 Paint5//Boeing 747-400 Paint8//Boeing 747-400 Paint9" /> <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="B738" ModelName="Boeing 737-8
  10. Done And it is absolutely smooth when vpilot runs on the same rig than FS. Same fps than the simulator and no stuttering at all. Here are the specs of my FSX rig: Gigabyte Z77X-D3H - [email protected] - 8GB Gskill trident 2400MHz - Asus GTX 660 Ti Direct CU The other computer is a virtual machine (Parallels desktop) running on a MBP retina. The 2 computer are linked via gigabit ethernet. Hope it helps
  11. This "ZZZZ" aircraft is so recurring that I think it is worth to modify the "SimilarAircraftTypes.txt". This file is located in %localappdata%\vPilot To have the ZZZZ aircrafts depicted as B737 for instance, just add "ZZZZ" at the end of the line for this aircraft type. The line should look like this: B731 B732 B733 B734 B735 B736 B737 B738 B739 E737 ZZZZ
  12. Hi, I'm wondering if it is possible to use FSX default liveries (world travel, boeing livery...) instead of the default white planes? The best would be to have vpilot to randomly select liveries among those availables in FSX. Any way to do this? I use UT2 and some planes are not available with this modele set. I think about the Concorde for instance. Is there a way to use the planes installed as add-ons in FSX? I'm afraid that this would kill the fps but I think it would still be better to have a good modele matching with a hit on the fps than to have a A320 flying at Mach 2!
  13. Yes... The file is there.Actually, I edited my last post. After testing again, I found out that the B77L is depicted correctly. The problem I had with this AFR B777 came from somewhere else. Hard to find the origin of the problem now that I don't encounter it anymore...
  14. Strange... I had errors as well with the DAL call sign: Error creating object using model "F1UT2_744.DL.DL.Official". I've checked the rules set (I'm using UT2) and everything seems normal. I made a test yesterday and had at the same time 2 B777 around me. One AAL depicted normally and the DAL which made this error and ended up being the default white aircraft.
  15. Nothing better or worse compared to SB. I would say that I see other aircrafts moving at about 10fps while my rig is running 30fps. On top of vpilot, I have FSC9 and AS2012 running on the networked computer.
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