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  1. Very sad to see Norman stepping down - commitment to VATSIM has been second to none and personally a great support to me as DCRM - see you online my friend
  2. I was part of the original Easy Virtual in the late 90's who got closed down and was only a registerd pilot - The letter from their legal team ensured I ceased to fly with them again!! I'd leave it and try something different unless you have a great lawyer.
  3. Well clearly he wasn't getting the help and could not join however it all now seems to be in hand so I have no other issues - if I had I would address them with the relevant people not third hand.
  4. The Pilot mentoring scheme in the UK is run by Gray Brett as Pilot Chief - Bill is a mentor - hope that clears that bit up - I am concerned any scheme in the UK is closed as they should not be - Once Gray has settled in I am sure you will be picked up when he recruits more mentors - we are about inclusivity not excluding people - as per the founders letter
  5. Dear All I am advising those that read this forum and not the UK1 that with effect from 1930hrs tonight I have stood down as the UK Divisional Director - a number of reasons why but thanks to all those that did support my short reign. I hope to now enjoy myself. I am continuing to administer e-mails until a new Director is appointed
  6. Matthew - Thanks for this - a great help
  7. Thanks to Michal you can now book through Vroute - enjoy
  8. I've contacted Michal this evening - it will be temporary until we get our web page back up which hopefully will not be too much longer - no set date yet but I and the web team are working on it every spare minute we have.
  9. LOL Benny - that is quality - he will print and save that you know!!
  10. Robert - most people in the Uk have Navigraph which is payware however a free resourse is the UK AIS at http://www.nats-uk.ead-it.com/public/index.php.html then head for the AIP or aerodrome data.
  11. Opher - the switch due to noise only happens on 27's = it's been pretty well explained why they favour easterlies - landing 09L does not take them directky over Windsor Castle whereas landing 09R would - there may be times they do use 09R but very rarely. Not sure what else you are after ?
  12. In theory it sounds good but if you are flying online the Vatsim weather is about an hour behind the real world weather so would not coincide with where you are flying and may affect your weather conditions compared to the controller who will be using vatsim weather when planning active runways etc.
  13. David Any of the regionals would serve you well - as you say I'd keep away from Heathrow until you are happy with online flying and have done it a few times when its quiet -EGPF or EGPH are good for hops into EGBB/EGSS or EGGW - all nice and friendly ATC as well
  14. I can only echo what has been said - when will people ask why experienced controllers are leaving or not logging on any more??
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