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  1. Hi Jake, I'm very pleased to report the problem is fixed!!! I tried the .NET repair tool, no luck there, so I was about to give up on it, but based on what you said about the speech system library hanging I was messing around with some settings, and out of the blue it worked. I did the following: Changed my Windows display language to English Australia (had to log out and back in to activate) Changed my speech language to English US Installed the English UK language pack (but did not set as default) (had to log out and back in to activate) And it worked! I then ch
  2. Hi Jake, Here's the running_log.txt (renamed to .pdf to allow upload). Hope it helps. Cheers, Tony running_log20200916.pdf
  3. Hi Jake, I installed the Windows update and tried again with updated build (at least there was an update when I loaded vatSys this evening, so I assume that was it). No luck unfortunately, still locks up when I hit 'save'.
  4. Hi Jake, I did a /sfc scannow to check the system files, no luck there. No having any luck uninstalling and reinstalling the voice packs, it won't let me as I mentioned above. I'll install the Windows update (feature update to Windows 10, version 2004), just in case. I really appreciate you (and Zach, Callum and Kirk) taking the time to help with this, I know these kinds of issues can be frustrating to nail down. Thanks very much for your efforts. I'll let you know if the update to the vatSys build tonight or the Windows 10 update changes anything, otherwise yeah a logging b
  5. Hi Zach, I have two Voice Packs in the windows speech settings, English (Australia) and English (United States). However the "Remove" button is grayed out for both of them and I can't remove them. I tried using text to speech in a random Microsoft Word document and it worked fine. Do you know a way I can uninstall and then reinstall the voice packs? I had a look at google but couldn't find anything, just stuff relating to language packs as opposed to voice packs. (Or stuff saying click the "Remove" button, which I can't do.)
  6. Don't suppose there is anything else I can try Jake? Happy to keep trying to nail down the issue, and use a manual voice recorded ATIS in the meantime.
  7. Ah ok, it worked for me with a .txt file I changed to .pdf
  8. If you change the Airspace.xml file extension from .xml to .pdf or one of the other accepted file types, Jake can then change it back when he gets it.
  9. In vatSys I have two voice options (David and Zira). Trying either results in a vatSys lockup. Very strange indeed.
  10. Hi Jake, I've attached the "running_log.txt" file that was there (I had to change the extension to pdf to allow me to attach, if you change it back to txt it should open fine). I've attached screenshots of my windows speech settings, and yes if I click preview voice it works correctly. Cheers, Tony running_log20200913.pdf
  11. Sorry Kirk I missed that, when I click listen in the ATIS editor I hear the voice ATIS I recorded, no problem.
  12. Just did another recorded ATIS, no error message, about 20 seconds after recording clicked "monitor ATIS" and got the first 10 seconds or so of the ATIS, then it cut out, and now nothing at all. So it's a bit weird. But at least vatSys isn't crashing with the manual recording.
  13. PS - Although when I click "monitor ATIS" in the VSCS, I can't hear anything, so not sure if it's actually transmitting (broadcast button is selected in ATIS editor).
  14. Hi Cal, The manual recording seems to work. First time when I broadcast I got an error: ATIS: Could not broadcast voice ATIS. PUT api/v1/bots/YBSC_ATIS failed (InternalServerError - "Bot Server failed.") But the second time it worked with no error. So just seems to be the text to speech ATIS where the problem lies. Cheers, Tony
  15. Just tried: INST ILS EXP INST APCH No luck unfortunately, still locks up every time.
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