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  1. To answer the question: No, I haven't. Are you planning on using a mic stand or something else to hold it...or are you literally planning on holding it?
  2. This whole discussion is very entertaining . Everyone wants to believe that this is an issue of "realism." It's "realistic" to do it this way, it's "realistic" to do it that way. The thing is, like Ross pointed out...the "realism" point can be twisted to anyone's desire...it really holds no merit. Here's the issue here...it's of VATSIM nature. Do you take the environment of VATSIM and only take the literal, face value of it and apply procedures? Or do you take it and plug in a bit of role play and imagination? I'm not sure how clear that is for everyone to understand, so I'll try to
  3. The only thing that I still like to advocate about this, and I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume most controllers agree (or at least many)...whenever you're not sure if you can get services for a particular airport, just dial up the frequency and request your services/procedure/clearance/etc. At best, the controller will issue your clearance or further instructions. At worst, the controller will give you a "frequency change approved" (effectively saying nope) or otherwise say "no services available." For whatever reason...to me, getting private messages from pilots is very, very obnoxious (whether
  4. Darn, that's too bad. I really thought that the Firewall + the Ports would've helped the situation or been the main problem. Sorry Roger...I really can't think of anything else. Maybe someone else can come up with something.
  5. I'm not quite sure what the issue would be offhand. I would first do what Arjun said. Make sure you're config and sector files are backed up, then delete the VRC configuration file. Obviously you copied it already, so hopefully you remember what file(s) they are...should be something like vrc.cfg or something or other. Basically...you'll be resetting VRC, see if that works. It could be that the copied files have caused VRC to be unable to connect. If not, then move on: Usually when I get issues, it goes opposite of what you're saying. Usually, I'll start up VRC and I'll get a messag
  6. The point is not about your ability to coordinate, it's that controllers shouldn't really be refusing handoffs unless they're right going to hit the Disconnect button. From the standpoint of being active...you're supposed to have control over the aircraft in your airspace ([Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming here the situation is about enroute IFR aircraft not getting handed off). If you're online, you're supposed to have positive contact with any aircraft coming over from an adjacent sector, and that's done by handoff. Unless you know 100% that you will be hitting the disconnect button very, ve
  7. The first sections of the PRC will explain the software for Xplane though. Xplane uses a different piece of software to connect to VATSIM (since it has different ways of sending it's flight data than Flight Simulator does).
  8. As far as I know, there's no changes available as of yet. Also if I remember looking at the draft images, the new terminal will be placed somewhere east of taxiway K, (obviously near the current Smith terminal) along the side...and so I don't think taxiways will change. Actually I stopped to actually check the current ground diagram as soon as I wrote that. It looks like the new terminal is actually depicted there now. You'll still see the old three-spoke Smith terminal, but notice to the side and just behind it the new building depictions. Those are all part of the North Terminal.
  9. Personally, I don't see why you feel that this should be an issue a pilot feels he "needs to simulate." ASDE-X and the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociated equipment is purely something for ATC and to help ATC do their job. As has been stated, we really, truly don't have the means to accurately simulate it. We can pretend we're simulating it, but it's not being accurately done. So thusly...it should be purely up to the ARTCC whether or not they need to bother emulating ASDE-X (and a pilot shouldn't feel positively or negatively either way, whether they do it or not). [Then there would be a whole
  10. I think what we need is a thorough explanation of what ASDE-X is and how it is used. As an amateur virtual controller, I'm presently thoroughly confused. I've been around the block for about six or seven years, and so I have a pretty thorough understanding of procedures and operations...I've seen so many discussions, debates, and explanations that would make any new controller's head spin. I like to think that I have a pretty accurate view of how procedures and phraseology work. I however, do not have first hand real world experience with the actual equipment and how it works. I will b
  11. Ah, Sensei, thank you for that reminder. We almost forgot what we do as controllers. Since you have no formal ATC training on VATSIM, it would seem that you didn't have any idea what Harold actually just was saying. This causes you to not realize that there are actually some answers to Harold's questions that we can contribute to this discussion. There is no problem with the controller clients, first off, let's dispel any issues that might arise from your statement. You should be able to set up your airspace filter(s). In ASRC, you can set a hard floor to your airspace wi
  12. Um, besides that bed-time story I just wrote there: Nice work, ZNY.
  13. The ZOB system still exists, but is offline. I'm not sure that it's been used for a while. If you go to the zob website (zobartcc.org), hover on Air Traffic Operations and go down to "Status Information" it will pop up. What that does is post some major/important ATIS cycles, MIT/MINIT requirements for any special airports, ARTCCs, or zones, and let's you post NOTAMs or other traffic advisories to cycle. It refreshes every 30 seconds. I wrote it completely in HTML, PHP, and JS. I think it was about two or three years ago that I developed it (for some reason the post that Steve Perry l
  14. I've never tried to use 98...but I would at least double check your internet connection, any firewalls, routers, and any other problem that might prevent VRC from connecting. When I've seen the downloading server list message for a while, it's been a firewall problem. Although...in those situations, I've always been able to go up, hit Connect and still connect to the network fine (even though the message sits there saying it's not downloading).
  15. The cheapest I've seen is about $10-15 US. The cheapest one I've ever had a long run with was $40 US. I've had a couple $25-30 dollar sets, on both the line started deteriorating after a couple months. There was also one once that I (not thinking) put in a duffel bag that I was taking on a flight. Surprise surprise, when I arrived in Orlando, the headset was broken in two. Since then, I've used one that is a single-ear set (so that it's hopefully much harder to break...plus it's easier on the ears, and it's more realistic for a controller). To do that, I got one for a telephone (whic
  16. Hey there Yusuf. I'm sure you're just very excited, but we really should be keeping event announcements to the creator's of the event. As it is, Ric Ruminski (VATUSA11) and Josh Rosard have already posted about this week's events: http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?t=32646 http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?t=32654 Just so that anyone isn't confused or not paying attention, KATL is not this week, but next week (8/22). Since the FNO is a weekly event, Yusuf, this is not really the appropriate time to post about it. It will get it's time in the shine next week, but this week
  17. Speaking generally: If the procedures haven't changed terribly, it could take a matter of one to three hours for all positions. If procedures, for whatever reason, are quite a bit different than they used to be, it would probably take several days (anywhere from two days to a couple weeks).
  18. I hate to be a bushel buster, but I don't really agree. Firstly, I think the learning curve depends on how many people take VATSIM seriously enough to pay attention to this small detail. Additionally, it depends on how often they experience and hear it. Like you said, we would have to get across to every single pilot the details of "Monitor" and of "Expecting pilots to call up the Local controller on their own when they are ready." We need consistent Ground and Local controllers online to be able to have pilots experience how this works. A large group of pilots that consistently don't hav
  19. As long as you're contributing to the off-topicness, then I'll pitch in some sentiment as well. I don't know what the situation is, so I can't comment on it. However, there are several moderators of these forums that know how to do their job and when. When they come around to checking these posts they'll take the appropriate action that they see fit. Your continuing to defend something in this post that a lot of people don't know about is simply going to fuel the discussion. Whether it be you are embarr[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed, dismayed, upset, or angry about some of the content in thi
  20. David is not nearly running around telling everyone to say "line up and wait." He mentions no comment on whether or not the use of "Line Up and Wait" is appropriate. He does mention that he has heard it in use in the U.S. already, although that is the only thing he has not gotten back about yet. That is not any kind of endorsement of the phrase, or advocation that VATSIM should be using it now. No one is debating whether it is officially position and hold. Please calm down, go pour a gl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] of milk, come back and re-read his post. This whole topic started with a d
  21. Here's a couple of the fact sheets Dave was talking about. One from March, and another from last week (July 14, 2008): http://www.faa.gov/news/fact_sheets/news_story.cfm?newsId=10133 http://www.faa.gov/news/fact_sheets/news_story.cfm?newsId=10166 The point(s) of interest are if you scroll way down to Air Traffic Procedures. If you read the first one from March, you'll see that they started another study of the phraseology for several different phases of flight. Obviously mentioned there is transitioning from our current phraseology on TIPH to the ICAO "Line Up and Wait." Then i
  22. Ding for the winner, I'll take "Completely Mistaken" for $2,000! That clears it up then.
  23. Snickerdoodles. And Coke. Gotta have Coke.
  24. Well, may be an oops my my part and I need to be edge-ih-mi-cay-ted, When I used to control, VRC, ASRC, or otherwise...if there was any aircraft outside my visibility range (say it's locked at 100 NM, so more than 100NM from my center point), I could not tag him up for radio-selection, view his flight strip, anything like that. I can still PM him, but I can't do anything else with his data. And so what I was thinking was that...for an Oceanic Sector, as opposed to needing the "Radar" portion of the "Visibility Range" they need the functionality of being able to pull up the flight strips
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