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  1. Ah there you go! Thought it was Euroscope. Would appreciate that link when it becomes available - ES isn't optimal for this kind of procedural control. rgds
  2. It looks good Any chance you could share your setup (files) ? Looks pretty nice!
  3. Thanks matt! I'll get in touch with him.
  4. Tough there is no response on the initial post, I´d like to introduce a little problem within the Indian Airspace and the way it is being controlled. As you all might know, VABF is a station not able to provide radar contact to all parts of it`s actual Sector, this requires the controller to rely on position reports from the Pilots flying within that Airspace. I was quite surprised, as I was on my way to VRMM overhead KITAL-L894, and the Mumbai controller offered me a "Radar Contact". Why aren't we sticking to real life procedures here? Let's be honest, this area of Vatsim has less
  5. Hi there, The last few days were quite hard for me in terms of school etc. I`ll now try to get in touch with you guys, and maybe we can build up something cool within the indian ocean Cheers, Sebastian
  6. Hello! whilst controlling Mumbai Radio, I figured out we only have a VABF_CTR position available. Due to the huge Area of this Control, we would need a VABF_FSS, as even with 4 vis. Points a 100%coverage of the Mumbai sector is not provided! I`d suggest to seperate the FSS from the CTR, and let the FSS do all the oceanic operations, and the CTR everything that is domestic, VABB etc. Or combine both in one FSS Cheers, Sebastian
  7. hey guys, took myself a short break from a lot of things including VATSIM, I`ll get both of you a mail, thanks for your support so far, I appreciate it Cheers
  8. Hi Sebastian, Thank you for your interest in the Maldives. I'd ask that you contact me via email (director(at)vatwa.net) to discuss the above further. I've answered your questions below: 1. It is indeed VRMF_CTR - I've just updated our website to reflect this. 2. All frequencies for the Maldives can be found here: http://vatwa.net/resources/atcstuff/sectorfiles/freq/maldf 3. West Asia is open skies but feel free to email the India vACC Director merely to introduce yourself. Cheers! Hello and thanks Matt! Sure I'll mail you shortly, and again thanks for answ
  9. sebastian gosch


    Hey Folks from VatWA! As I absolutely love the Maldives I started Controlling there on Vatsim, after I saw some very nice Controllers doing a great Job there. By the time I started to think about a further Promotion of this area. Furthermore of a VACC Maldives, which would be very cool and nice to have. As my technical knowledge in those things (programming a Website etc.) is quite basic, I would require some help from others! If there is any of you interested in opening up this paradise in a virtual way, I'd highly appreciate that. I'd be ready to spend a bunch of effort into this
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