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  1. When I control, I usually try to be on for 2-3 hours a session. Or, untill a real world obligation forces me to unplug. Being a Professional medical type, sometimes, forces me to cut short a session. Not because I want to, just because *I* have to. Fortuanately, this occurs quite infrequently. BTW, just wanted to give my thanks for the ATC coverage this weekend in the UK. I flew to Mildenhall and back the following day. All involved were extremley professional and knowedgeable. Not to mention friendly. Thanks my friends! I do have a question. I was trying to locate charts through a website,
  2. Thanks very much guys. The site I had just showed Shanwick tracks. I still have to get my selection of the proper track down. Haven't flown too much across the pond. With each flight, I am learning more and more. Thanks again.
  3. I have searched high and low for a site. Can anyone give me the URL for Gander NATS? TIA
  4. Looks great!! took me several minutes to find out where the online exam center was located. Go figure.....In the Certification Center! D'oh!
  5. This happened several weeks ago, and again last night. When trying to boot up FS9, an error message displays on the splash screen..."FS9 has encountered a problem, and needs to close." Upon closer scrutiny, the generated error report stated the FS9.EXE was the APP, and the MOD was FE.DLL. The only way to fix it was to re-install FS-9, which corrected the problem for several weeks. I had a flight ready to go on Monday, and has everything loaded up ready to go. Something came up, and I had to close all the programs. I was sitting at the gate, and never taxied. Upon restarting FS-
  6. Is it just me, or is the VATUSA site having probs? I can't logon to the Instructor secure site to promote. TIA
  7. As an Instructor, my opinion is "Outside the Box" thinking. THREE CHEERS to Jim and his staff. This will make my job easier on the ARTCC level. One question: How will the Academy be staffed by Instructors? Will there be permanent personnel [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned? Or will the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ignments be on a rotational basis? Alot of questions! EXCELLENT job!!! My hat is off to VATUSA!
  8. Thanks for the info Fred. I didn't know it was that easy. I'll let the Chief know. Thanks again! Dennis
  9. That is the exact same step I took. Applied online. And there is an Instructor exam that must be taken, however, can't even get to that step. I do appreciate your responses. Any other advice? Dennis
  10. Not sure if this is the proper venue to post this, however, it's been over 3 months now! I applied for Instructor status on VATUSA, ZME artcc sometime in April, and not heard one word back. After multiple conversations with the Chief, and as of last week, there still was no request for a Letter of Reccomendation. I have written the individual who is head of this division, with no reply. At this point in time, what should be done? I do realize that the instructor to student ratio is one determining factor in the approval process. I would not have applied without the approval of th
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