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  1. There is way to convert the json stream. You can find the project at https://github.com/dneuge/legacy-status-proxy-vatsim I guess there will be a separat announcement - but for now it will help you out.
  2. Try to delete the POSCON plugin. Only one client at a time. And please attach the log the next time
  3. As I have also written elsewhere: Thanks to all pilots and controllers involved and of course to the people behind the scenes. For me, the CTL is an equal, if not better event than the CTP. The continuous ATC, the many crossing flight paths plus the great landscapes make the CTL a great event!
  4. Try to update all of your (Vulcan-)critical addons like: AviTab to version 0.3.21 LittleXPConnect to version 1.0.19
  5. It is a bug for many people. Justin is aware of it - a new version will be updated soon (tm) as we know him 😀
  6. Which audio driver do you use? Please have a look into C:\Program Files\swift-0.9.4-64bit\bin\audio. Is there more than a "qtaudio_windows.dll" file?
  7. Thank you very much. I thought exactly this way. May be we can find a little adaption of the message text in order to read the main message a bit easier? Callsign + frequency and all in the same font and color seems a little bit hard to read. But for sure - this are only small things. Keep up the good work!
  8. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1L1rHBnTAjoDiD8sjFApa1mMcAZJ4apOw
  9. No, different frequencies (I assume 122.800 on COM2) - but RX enabled for both.
  10. No problems so far. Just a small thing I noticed in the message window: Two frequencies are shown for the pilots.
  11. No "warnings"/"errors" etc. Just some information entries in there which doesnt belong to this. Sorry!
  12. Just switching from one app to another (nothing to do with xPilot or X-Plane - they just running in background). This exception f.e. comes up at opening a website out of discord.
  13. Sorry for pointing out crashes so often but I hope to help you with it. From time to time I become an .net exception when I'm switching the focus between my windows. I can continue to work with xPilot until I click on stop. May be the "log" will help https://pastebin.com/raw/uxEDTKaS My X-Plane log doesnt mention anything as it is working further flawless.
  14. And a new crash. I switched to different airports (later on without xPilot running) as I get the crash. As mentioned without traffic in the area. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1iBjPp9cJUOfXIm-QJEv5SKcT6nRWqXqB You can see log and dmp file - may be it helps.
  15. Affirm it was when I closed X-Plane. Before I had an ~2h flight without problems (but less traffic as well).
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