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  1. He probably [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umed your were IFR, as VFR can only depart Heathrow under particular conditions, and your route is an IFR route, coupled with the fact you would probably be in Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] A airspace at 6000ft, where VFR is not allowed. IFR traffic usually makes contact with tower on final approach of the runway in use. Re: sam thx very much for the answer, that makes the picture clear now. I just applied for flight training with vatsim-uk today, need to learn from basic..
  2. something to ask... i filed a VFR FP from EGLL-EGCC, took a small C152, slow cruise at 6000, managed to tuned in to EGCC tower from 30 miles out, when i get close to about 15 miles and tried to make a contact, the ATC told me that i'm not under his control!?? can anyone show me if there was anything that possibly went wrong? Here is the route i filed : WOBUN WELIN T420 TNT . thx..
  3. i got the FSX with me, tried to installed once and what a frame rate killer! need to get a new hardware and lotsa tweak before it can run smooth i guess. meanwhile, i'm sticking with FS9 with some addons and still can live with it. thanks for the suggestion anyway.
  4. thanks for all the greetings, just got the SB and went through the PRC, trying to familiar with things here, exciting
  5. hi to all fellow simmer, although been flying in FS for years, haven't done it online with others, absolutely new to VATSIM, now waiting for my saitek yoke to arrive and looking forward to file a flight soon, hope to talk to u guys soon.
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