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  1. Preston, I have replied to the e-mail you sent earlier today. Thanks.
  2. This happens if Euroscope's training simulator is used. It is triggered if an ATC message is transmitted or a PM is sent to one of the aircraft. Use the .busy command to block these PMs.
  3. Not sure if I'm doing anything wrong but when I click on the button, the toolbar still shows and the simulator dialog comes up blank. Never had any problems with v3.1.
  4. I've just installed the VIP model sets and I've tried placing them in several different paths within the SimObjects directory in FSX. However vPilot doesn't seem to be able to locate the models. Where should I place the VIP models?
  5. You can't login to the VATUSA forum with your VATSIM p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word. You must register an account here.
  6. 3 Converging targets on the same airway with just 1k feet separation, on Ft. Worth Center
  7. Hey, thanks for the feedback. DFW was not IMC at the time though with a ceiling of 4200 OVC and 10SM visibility. I offered you the visual approach at first since I was going to drop you to 3k and then clear you for the visual but then you requested the ILS. I guess if you just accepted the visual then there wouldn't be any problems after all . Thanks for flying into DFW this evening and looking forward to seeing you on my scope again.
  8. When I try to load (usually more than 20) aircraft, every aircraft one by one start timing out after a while. This happens on both Euroscope's built-in sim and TWRTrainer. TWRTrainer throws this error: The following winsock error occured with index 27: (10053) Connection is aborted due to timeout or other failure Euroscope doesn't throw any errors but aircraft do disappear for no reason as well. I've had aircraft timeout for quite a long time so far, even before the maintenance was applied on the vatsim servers and sweatbox. I'm really not sure whether the servers are the c
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