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  1. Today’s the day the teddy bears have there picnic and we have our Cambridge Fly-In. I look forward to seeing you there and remember there is going to be several cameras taking footage for a movie so nail those landings to give your self the best chance of making into the film. Gavin will also have his trusty cricket umpires counter handy to record the total number of movements and individual aircraft just like last time. Check the AusFlightSim forums, there will be the latest details and up to date weather information in the form of, ARFOR, TAF METAR as well as individual weather information on request right up to the commencement of the fly-in. Happy Fly-In
  2. - - -NOTAM - - - Just wanted to let you know we have another Fly-In event for the 28th of June. Our last event "The Murray Field Fly-In 2006" had 200+ movements in 3 hours that included 8 Helicopters working in the area. I'm hoping for just 1 more to join us this time and that may as well be you! We will be taking advantage of the new VOZ winter textures by going as far south as we dare. The scenery will be amazing and I'm sure the weather will provide interesting conditions. Pilots will be challenged by the proximity of Hobart Int. and Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] D airspace should ATC be available. Thank you for reading and you can find more information here. See you there! http://www.ausflightsim.net/ Direct link to Event. http://www.ausflightsim.net/article185.html
  3. Hi Grant, You're more than welcome to come along. If you need a hand with anything just let me know.
  4. AusFlightSim is pleased to introduce our regular online event. Matthew Levi has taken the initiative to be the organiser of the fly-ins which are planned to take place every third Saturday evening. At the moment details are un-confirmed and planning is still under way. But for those interested in coming along, a few of us will be getting together online tonight for a VFR hop from Camden to Mallacoota. We understand it's short notice but here are the details in case you can make it: Where: Camden (YSCN) to Mallacoota (YMCO) When: Saturday 27th May 2006 Time: [Mod - Happy Thoughts]emble around 19:30 AEST for 20:00 departure. Total flight time expected to be around 2-3 hours. Comms: Private voice on rw1.vatpac.org/ausflightsim Camden CTAF: 120.100 rw1.vatpac.org/YSCN Mallacoota CTAF: 126.700 rw1.vatpac.org/YMCO Recommended Scenery Addons for FS2004 VOZ 1.1 - by Vista Australis http://www.vistaoz.org/ http://www.ausflightsim.net/download-file-77.html Available Charts from Airservices Australia ERSA YSCN: http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/publications/current/ersa/FAC_YSCN_16-Mar-2006.pdf ERSA YMCO: http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/publications/current/ersa/FAC_YMCO_16-Mar-2006.pdf We look forward to seeing a few people show up for what will be an enjoyable trip.
  5. Having been granted Koorby's approval, AusFlightSim is offering to send out the new VOZ 1.2 update free of charge to Australian members who are currently restricted to a dial-up internet connection. The CD's will initially be sent to 10 recipients. There is one condition to this offer. All recipients who request the CD must also be willing to distribute a copy to up to five other recipients or send AusFlightSim five blank CD's to burn and distribute. Once your CD has been sent you will be added to a distribution register and may be requested to send a copy of the CD to up to five other recipients. You will probably only have to send one CD at most as the responsibility is evenly shared among all recipients. To request the CD be sent out to you and to be added to the distribution register, please send us a message via the contact form at http://ausflightsim.net/feedback.html with your AusFlightSim username, full name and postal address. We will reply to confirm availability. We will begin posting the CD's from Monday 22nd May 2006. Note: Only request the CD if you are on a dial-up connection and if you are willing to send the CD to a further five recipients. We are trying to give as many people the opportunity to experience VOZ 1.2 as possible. Unfortunately this offer is available only to Australian AusFlightSim members.
  6. Hi Everyone, We've hit the last week in May and that means the last week to get your entries in for this months Contribute and Win Competition draw. Remember, it's easy to enter! Simply complete one or more of the following four tasks: · Upload a file to the File Library · Send an Article or Story · Start a discussion in the Forums · Post a screenshot in the Screenshot Gallery Each time you complete one of these tasks you'll get an entry in the draw for the monthly minor prize as well as an entry in the draw for the major prize. The winner of the major draw will win a pre-ordered copy of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator X as well as a 6-month Computer Pilot Magazine subscription, and an AusFlightSim Black Cap and Messenger Bag. For full details and competition Terms and Conditions visit the Contribute & Win Competition information page at http://www.ausflightsim.net/content-9.html.
  7. Hi Everyone, This is just a reminder to anyone who is interested in attending this event, it will be held tomorrow evening. It would be great to see as many pilots as possible show up as it is set to be a memorable occasion. Any ATC that can be provided in the area and at a few of the surrounding towers would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi All, Just an update on this site. We're now running a competition with monthly prizes leading up to a major draw in December. The major prize winner will win a pre-ordered copy of the new Microsoft FSX together with a 6-month Computer Pilot magazine subscription and an AusFlightSim Black Cap and Messenger Bag. For all the details head over to http://ausflightsim.net/content-9.html
  9. To celebrate the release of two of Australia's finest freeware scenery packages, Murrayfield 2006 and VOZ 1.1, AusFlightSim in [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociation with the Virtual VFR Flying Club are pleased to announce the "Murrayfield VFR Experience". You're invited to fly along with members of these great Aussie flight simulation communities into, out of and around Murrayfield, taking in some of the fantasic scenery as developed by the Westsim Design Group and the team from Vista Australis. Choose your favourite GA plane and try your hand at VFR flight in Australia's great Western state, hoping between airfields such as Jandakot, Serpentine, Cunderdin, Albany and Bunbury. If flying the heavy metal is more your style you're more than welcome to join us in the area too, the more the merrier. Details of the event are as follows: Where: Into, out of and around Murrayfield (YMUL) When: Thursday 27th April 2006 Time: Between 10:00 and 14:00 UTC (20:00 and 00:00 AEST or 18:00 and 22:00 AWST) Comms: Private voice on rw2.vatpac.org/virtualvfr Murrayfield CTAF: 119.1 rw2.vatpac.org/YMUL Recommended Scenery Addons for FS2004 Murrayfield 2006 - by Westsim Design Group http://www.westsim.com.au/murrayfield/index.htm http://www.ausflightsim.net/download-file-85.html Jandakot - by Westsim Design Group http://www.westsim.com.au/jandakot/index.htm VOZ 1.1 - by Vista Australis http://www.vistaoz.org http://www.ausflightsim.net/download-file-77.html Albany and Esperence - by Derek Froud http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=Derek+Froud&CatID=fs2004scen&Go=Search Albany - by Frank Salter http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=Frank+Salter+YABA&CatID=fs2004scen&Go=Search Available Charts for Murrayfield ERSA - http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/publications/current/ersa/FAC_YMUL_16-Mar-2006.pdf Aerodrome Chart - http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/publications/current/dap/MULAD01-103.pdf RNAV (GNSS) - E - http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/publications/current/dap/MULGN01-103.pdf If there are any ATC personnel available for the event we would very much appreciate the service at a few of the towers in the area. For more information head on over to the Virtual VFR Flying Club - http://www.virtualvfr.com or AusFlightSim - http://www.ausflightsim.net. We look forward to having you along for what should be a fantastic event.
  10. Hi All, I hope this post isn't inappropriate but I just wanted to let any Aussies who frequent this forum know about a new specifically Australian Flight Simulation enthusiast site, AusFlightSim http://www.ausflightsim.net. It's a brand new website with a file library in need of developers files and there are various topics requiring informational/educational content. On offer are a number of volunteer positions available for news and content writers so if you're a budding writer and would like to be published on the site please take a visit over to the above address, visit the Positions Vacant section and send in your application. Hope to see a few of you over at AusFlightSim. Cheers, Adrian http://www.ausflightsim.net
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