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  1. And obviously it would be completely OK to dispense from the above, should there be a legitimate reason you can’t use voice. I don’t think it to be too much to require every member to own a working headset / microphone, which is why I’d like to see the text option closed to the public, but open to a specific few who - as you say - can’t physically speak or hear.
  2. 1. Remove the option to use text entirely. It completely ruins the immersion for controllers & voice pilots alike. Alternatively introduce the option to ban the use of text during events. 2. Better voice codec (obviously). 3. Introduce a rating system for pilots & controllers alike. If you’ve been in contact with someone (eg. tuned to their frequency), have a pop up asking you to rate the pilot/controller. This has the benefit of nudging people into polite / professional behaviour, as a poor (public) rating would be frowned upon. At the same time it allows new pilots to joi
  3. Thank you very much Ross, I have not tested this yet, but will do as soon as I am able. You work quick, thanks!
  4. I must agree with OP here. With the recent release of Aerosoft's shared cockpit, I believe that the ability to log on as an observer would be greatly appreciated throughout the community.
  5. Right man for the job, congratulations Florian!
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