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  1. Hi Simon!!! Well there is a name from the past!! How are you mate? All good in BAV4 I hope! Many happy memories! Thanks for the heads up on that one I will look forward to seeing it come out. Best wishes to all there in BAV! Tony
  2. Thanks for the reply Richard I hadn't seen the AWOS software before. It says it is only tested on Windows XP so it must have been around some years. I have Windows 10. I agree I always use Unicom to announce from initial descent, through ILS to landing my intentions and in fairness most do. Unfortunately you will often get someone particularly taking off thinking they are all on their own at an airport and not looking at the messages to see someone is inbound on the ILS. Happens quite a lot. Golden rule is always announce intent from pushback onwards whilst leaving or arriving any
  3. Having flown online for many years and being in VA management the one issue I hear more about than any other (apart from the odd abusive user) is pilots on approach to to the correct "into wind" runway only to find another approaching from the opposite direction. Naturally this is happening in uncontrolled airspace but it is so often the cause of conflict between pilots. Sometimes it may be caused by Vatsim METAR showing a direct or variable winds making the options for landing runway open to choice but equally open to conflict. Clearly the best situation is to have an ATIS available as t
  4. Hi Magnus Thank you so much for the reply. I actually got some more information. I am the Operations Director at the Airwego Group VA and one of our pilots in our Cargo division (AirweCargo) went online and spoke to a live controller at Zurich. Apparently when cargo heavies use Zurich they use the parking marked C, T or D in the area shown as "Maintenance" on the charts. I understand C is favoured! So there you have it! Thanks again for the interest. Tony Causer
  5. I wonder if anyone knows which stands you use if you have heavy cargo (747F) at Zurich LSZH? There is a Cargo Centre at the airport but I see only small stands by there. You must be able to park heavies there somewhere for unloading cargo. I have the latest Aerosoft scenery and charts. Many thanks for any help.
  6. Thanks Ernesto I knew most of that but it seems you need to run SB outside of FSX for it to work properly. I just did that and the readings are near enough correct. No idea why it affects it in this way. Thanks anyway,
  7. I seem to have a strange problem. When I fly at cruise level and set my altimeter to standard pressure (1013 mb) I am seen correctly by the Vatsim servers at that level. As soon as I set this to regional QNH (say 1034) the information coming from the Vatsim server shows differently from my FS instrument panel. It reads as if I still had 1013mb set. So Vatsim controllers are seeing me at altitudes of around 500 ft less than my FS is showing me. The problem caused considerable anxiety for me and the Heathrow controller yesterday who also was reading that my heading had "rolled out" well
  8. Lauri It seems to have worked. Many thanks and Christmas greetings from South Wales to Finland!! Tony
  9. I have recently changed my firewall to Zone Alarm from Sygate as the latter had an update that appeared to stop me getting on line. I now seem to have a problem getting p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed the multilayer connect in FS2004. This doesnt find my session after I start SB Relay even when I type in Any thoughts anyone?
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