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  1. Yer, That's what I use now just trying to raise the possibility of setting up a keyboard button to press rather than using the vpilot panel. As we do for PTT.
  2. Yes I agree, Was just hoping the vpilot could have the option like it does PTT. Therefore the limitation of msfs doesn't matter its just a message between the keyboard and vpilot. It been accepted that me pushing the in game push to talk button on the yoke its possible to talk on vatsim, so its been resolved by having a button allocated within vpilot I just thought the same could be done for ident. Now I know its not possible to assign a button on the keyboard to do it direct without even involving MSFS then thats thats. Thanks All.
  3. I have gone back to MSFS and there is nowhere I can find the opportunity to allocate a button to Ident. I felt a little option to assign a button to ident, like the PTT option in vpilot has would be alot easier for the pilots, and make it a little more realistic. Its a shame no one is able to do it. Thank You,
  4. It was my understanding that MSFS did not interact with the ident button and it being pressed doesn't communicate the fact with vpilot. If you saying it does then I stand corrected and will allocate it to a button on my joystick or keyboard right away. Thank You, Neil
  5. Hi I understand that Vpilot does take modes and ident from MSFS, However could the vpilot app allow a button to be assigned for transponder info, I dent preferable. I can assign a button for the PTT but would be great to assign a button to trigger the Ident without having to go to the vpilot app. Thanks Neil
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