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  1. Welcome to NorCal Tuesday VI its time to expose some more of our student controllers to traffic of all kinds, this time with some airspace that should prove to have some interesting times.So if your planning to fly during the week, jump on and fly around ZOA for an evening. We welcome all skills and levels, if you are a bit unsure on what to do we will be posting up a pilot brief later on which should help getting your foot in the door.FieldsKRNO - Reno Tahoe Int.KTRK - Truckee Tahoe.TimeFrom 1800 PDT till around 2100 PDT ( 0100z - 0400z )
  2. I won't dive into a lot of what's going on here, but as a fellow kiwi I think the communications here have been very poor on a subject that actually effects quite a few members. If I remember correctly CTP staff were screaming at everyone to join SYD-1 as it was the only server not overloaded, what will happen next time? Anyway I think the comm's department need to rethink a strategy on how they approach such things, perhaps more open communication between network and comms is needed? Anyway, Its over now, we can let it go but lets take this as a learning situation and strive to do better an
  3. Calscream Welcomes All Pilots, BOOKINGS OPEN TODAY!Please head over to http://www.calscream.com for more information about the historical event featuring ZOA and ZLA. This time with added goodies!We are kicking this year off with a bang, and have reached out to a few dev's to come on board and help with our event to offer random prizes to those who fly in the event. (Must be booked through the website). All information is provided on the website - but if you have any questions you can answer below or contact [email protected] Details:Saturday, 23 May 2020Featuring airfields from
  4. Welcome, in light of traffic levels we are seeing we at Oakland think its time to open up some minor cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] D towers, and enjoy the sights and sounds of the San Francisco bay. Join us we open up 3 of our south bay airports for some great VFR action, while also having some Northern California Tracon to keep your safe while you perform those barrel rolls under the golden gate bridge. Details Featured airfields : SQL • PAO • HWD Time : 6pm PDT • 9pm PDT Traffic : VFR Traffic around the bay, IFR is also very welcome and appreciated to give some of our new controllers s
  5. Fresno Anyone? Alright... lets go! Kicking off this March 27th, we are opening the airspace to all that choose to dare as we head into Fresno! Fresno you say what is this? Well come by and see its marvelous beauty in all she has to offer. Oh and we paired it up with Reno just to make it twice as fun. With that you can have that Reno/Fresno combo, it's an absolute delight. We hope to see you there. Details; Airfields - KFAT (Fresno), KRNO (Reno Tahoe) Date - 27th March 2020 Time - 4pm PST - 8pm PST (2300z - 0300z) A point of note, we will have coverage at SFO for those who c
  6. In world where, you are the captain… where frames are your enemy, weather dictates your flightpath and the flight levels are not the quiet oasis you once knew them to be. Two, ARTCC’s stand together… united in their quest for the ultimate symphony of planes and controllers alike. In their quest they will discover what it means to re-route an aircraft to its destination, and how ground delays will become their ultimate enemy. Please join us, for the first time this decade, Oakland ARTCC and Los Angeles ARTCC combine their forces to tackle delays, intercept localizers and launch you off the 1
  7. Abit lost where to fly on the 21st? Feel free to select either SMF/SAC and surrounding fields. This is an event for our S1/S2 controllers to give them some more exposure to high levels of traffic, so if you are a new pilot or a 40 year veteran im sure you could give these lads a hand. Details; Airports - KSMF / KSAC Time - 6pm PDT - 8pm PDT | 0200z - 0400z Traffic - Airliners and GA welcome. Details - Don't forget to pay your landing fees.
  8. We thought it was about time, that we joined our brothers off shore and joined forces to create a crossfire like no other, a crossfire that includes a large body of water. Please join us on Saturday for our first event in quite some time with our HCF brothers. So why not take the afternoon off and hang out with the best the west coast has to offer. Our plan is that we will have staffing for the first 2-3 hours at both SFO/HNL for your departures with Oakland radio coming online to join you in the middle, then the last 2-3 hours for the arrivals at both airports. Details; Time: Departures
  9. In keeping with the theme of the region, and during the nice warm weather, we are heating up in Northern California, featuring our two rising airports of our area, Sacramento (SMF) and Reno (RNO). Join us for a night of… well who knows what might happen. Usual story full coverage. Try something new, try something bold and see what happens. We enjoy the challenge here at ZOA. Although we do ask you plan your fuel accordingly, cause… well … stuff happens. Airports: KSMF/KRNO/KTRK/KTVL Date: Friday 9th August Time: 1700 PST (2359z – 0400z)
  10. ZOA invites you to a reboot of our Tuesday events, as we try to get our student controllers more exposure to traffic. So if your planning to fly during the week, head over and check out our featured fields for this event. We will have 3 fields to choose from, with a range of opportunities to test only our controllers skills, but yourselves as well. Fields SMF - Sacramento SAC - Sacramento Executive MHR - Mather Field Time From 1800 PST till around 2100 PST Date Tuesday, 23rd July 2019 Division VATUSA
  11. Thanks mate as always. Also bookings are now open if you would like to reserve a slot. Although, don't let that discourage you if you want to fly in our event. Jump online and join the fun. Plenty of airports to choose from ! Check, http://www.calscream.com for information and bookings ! See you on the scopes. ZOA/ZLA
  12. Announcing CALSCREAM 2019 May 18th 2019 2300Z + Besides being online simulation's largest fly-in event, CalScream is unique because during the event, pilots and controllers re-enact the most accurate duplication of real-world flying seen. Rather than the unrealistic sight of having 300 planes in a single-file line going to one airport, where you follow one guy in front of you for 250 miles (whom you may never see), we encourage a greater mix and spread of traffic. At CalScream, pilots fly from many medium to large airports in a smaller area, to other airports in the same area. When you f
  13. OAKLAND ARTCC PRESENTS our next FNO, STORM THE BAY! Please join our controllers in flying in and out of the San Francisco bay area. Choose from 1 of 3 airports; SFO, OAK and SJC. With these airports to fly from/to, you really do have a choice of aircraft at your disposal if you are either feeling a little heavy or maybe some ultra light work. The bay also offers a variety of approaches to choose from as each airport has their own individual characteristics. (Can even bring a blimp, or so i've been told). We look forward to having you with us for a night of fun! Event Details below;
  14. REPOST FROM VATUSA FORUMS, From Ryan Parry ZOA ATM Pilots: If you're planning on flying to SFO tonight, the forecast is currently looking like gusty winds and light rain which will force us into our southeast plan (landing 19L/R). That will significantly reduce our arrival rate, please plan fuel accordingly (especially hold fuel), and expect some delays at your departure airport. If you're filing standard routes (BDEGA#/DYAMD#/SERFR#), expect ATC re-routes onto southeast plan arrivals (STLER#/ALWYS#/WWAVS#). If you're planning on flying to RNO tonight, the forecast looks pret
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