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  1. Standards for the reason, thats true. As real as it gets? VATSIM has never been real and never will be. It looks like wrong old-school mind statement .... VATSIM is first of all about having fun. It is written down officially. I know real-life pilots and controllers who tried the Network, laught and left. The most funny for them are those who trying hard to simulate real-life experience, especially on the RT side of things missing the point and much more important parts of the deal .... I remember me when first time flew in real life and have heard how the phraseology sounds in reality .... i
  2. Usually I would say "right heading 355" in case of turning closer to 180 degrees or more - when its important what side to turn into, right or left .... if its 90 degrees turn, for example I fly 270 degrees and receive right turn to 355, then I would just readback "heading 355". We have no problems to say comfortable way ATC wants. No problem. If you want us to talk full line - we will do that, no problem at all. But my experience shows sometimes it just doesnt need to be that way. Its natural process of making messages adapted on certain needs. For example, if there is only CTR position w
  3. Hi. Im one of these pilots who usually call "requst IFR clearance as filed" and I can explain it from virtual pilots perspective. First of all need to note I started to say like that not that long time ago, maybe several months ago, whereas flying online since 2010. So yes, I know the full recommended request .... Well, the main reason of we call like that is to make it short. You guys, Im sure, understand what we mean - "request IFR clearance, flight plan is filed". The call "request IFR clearance as filed" is just shorter. Yes, maybe its not that correct in terms of good-English-language b
  4. so you "believe". Do you "believe" or do you "know"? I had already listed the countries so this comes across as "no, it is different, I believe". Why do us real ATCOs and pilots even contribute here when it gets disputed all the time? It really is discouraging. I think we both talk about the same and give the same information, but the manner we give information somehow fights against us. This way you probably thought I meant different and said against your post, and I probably thought you said something against my post ... Lets close this conversation. We both said the same but in different
  5. Who do you think I reply to you? And I didnt mean "only", I said "just" ... just relax man! You already said about Spain, do I need to repeat it? May create extra attention to level change mr. "I do this for living"? Shortly, I didnt say anything against you wrote, you misunderstand my message.
  6. Like guys said above - its just France I believe. The general rule of FL numbers according to west/east type of FL are the same to the whole world I think. Its just we have several countries in Europe that uses south/north type of FL .... and France is one of them. So when you depart from the UK airspace its even-FL, level change to odd-FL entering France airspace .... stuff like that
  7. Hi Francois I dont fly by the crew anymore. I can do it still on MD-82 Leonardo but dont want to. You can choose whetever aircraft you want. I will be flying MD-82. If you want to choose A319 - do it
  8. I like to fly conventional stuff too. Cant see any problems to do so, there is just some limit of FL ... cant say right now the exact numbers, but basically low-level route allows to fly non-rnav, so approx. FL280 or less .... damn, cant remember exact number. What we need to check - the airspace restriction to non-rnav. Thats it. Yes, we can add remark or equip. note we are sort of A type, but generally we just can set type of aircraft this way. If ATC asks us to navigate somwhere we could navigate, we just say unable and explain the reason. So yes, we can fly non-rnav, cant see any proble
  9. Hi. On 24th of August Im going to touch 4 fly-ins. The journey consists of 3 flights, will take about 5-6 hours in total. Your times and schedule can be different but this is mine: - Departure from Ibiza LEIB at 14:15Z - Arrival to Gatwick EGKK at 16:00Z - Taxi/P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]engers/Fuel/Preparation for 45 minutes - Departure from Gatwick EGKK at 16:45Z - Arrival to Dusseldof EDDL at 17:30Z - Taxi/P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]engers/Fuel/Preparation for 45 minutes - Departure from Dusseldorf EDDL at 18:15Z - Arrival to Vienna LOWW at 19:20Z Come and join!
  10. Hi guys. Today Im going to have fun with jets, would like to touch 3 fly-ins: in Croatia, in Belgium and in England. Basically the perfect fly will be from Dubrovnik LDDU to Gatwick EGKK. I dont have scenery for Dubrovnik so I will be departing from Tivat LYTV. I estimate to arrive to Gatwick around 1930Z. This way I will be departing Tivat around 1700Z. My route if its needed: https://skyvector.com/?ll=49.23146902484065,5.956054690015616&chart=304&zoom=9&fpl=N0450%20LYTV%20TIBRI%20KONUV%20PEVAL%20N606%20BADOP%20P66%20KPT%20L608%20TEDGO%20UZ210%20NOSPA%20LIRSU%20UL608%20BATTY%20
  11. Some events start to use certain aircraft type for bookings. This is not good because what should I do if like MD82 for example? There is none in the list. And Im not going to forget about it and just fly whatever I want whereas it says B737 for example..... What needs to do - to allow pilots to chooce their aircraft type. At the same time you probably want to simulate real-world traffic type ... okay, but then let it be "recommended aircraft type" with possibility to change the type on pilot`s discretion. I would like to fly this fly-in but I dont like the idea of atmosphere ruin picking
  12. Hi. Yesterday I flew from Gatwick. Created route via DVR as "exit point", this way I expected to use DVR 9M/9V for 26L or DVR 2P/2W for 08R, as published on charts "AD 2.EGKK-6-18". It was 26L in use. Giving clearance ATC adviced me to follow ADMAG 2X departure, after ADMAG go to DVR. ATC tried to explain quickly why but honestly I didnt really understand, partly because my flight had certain schedule on departure, en-route and arrival times so I just agreed with ATC and took ADMAG 2X (even this way I was late 10 min on departure but it doesnt matter in this topic). Yesterday is yesterday,
  13. Welcome to the magic world of ChartFox https://chartfox.org/LIML Thank you very much
  14. Charts?? Why dont you publish charts on the VATITA website? You link basically to AIP or something where I need to register, I dont like it. Please do it like everybody else is doing, just publish airfield charts on your website.
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