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  1. This is not the case at all, can you try updating your vPilot to the latest version and see if that helps?
  2. I hope this will increase the coverage and uptime; with MSFS I can't wait to explore what Africa has to offer!
  3. Can you see other aircraft? Are you sure you have proper CSL installed?
  4. That is up to local and regional differences though. You can always right click and get the controller info, usually the position name is depicted there. 🙂 Or listen to what the other people are saying, or what he is calling himself!
  5. We have posted an announcement on the update now on our Facebook and Twitter, feel free to use that if you want to inform others. 🙂
  6. Hi Gary! First, welcome to VATSIM!! We are in the process of building a whole new website, which will improve everything as well as fix the problems like the one you mention here. I don't think the existing link will be updated, but the page you are looking for can be found here! (Detailed info about each rating is found in the menu to the left). Bear in mind, the VATSIM Pilot Rating system is due for a complete overhaul, and is planned to release in about a month, if not less. You should wait to pursue a rating until that time! Also, know that pilot ratings (except for the upcoming P0 described in the link above) are completely optional. You do not need one to fly as a pilot on the network. Lastly, I would advise you to check out our Pilot Resource Centre for some general tutorials, and check out the VATSIM Rules (Code of Conduct). If you're more the video type, AviationPro has a wonderful tutorial series for getting started on the network. We also have a Facebook group called "VATSIM For Beginners" which you are most welcome to join, where you can ask questions to a smaller audience and get very qualified answers. Good luck, and enjoy your time on the network!
  7. The program is scheduled for release at or before august 18th. 🙂 The exact date is not set yet.
  8. Gents, stop; both of you. Having this debate serves no purpose, let it be and move on.
  9. Congratulations to both Zach and Ray, you guys are going to do an excellent job; can't wait to see what you will come up with! 🙂
  10. Keeping this a secret was hard, I hope you enjoy it as much as we will! 🙂
  11. Your original account will be reinstated, the second one will remain suspended
  12. Yes, that is correct way to do it. Membership will help you through. 🙂
  13. Yes, your messages show up with the callsign and frequency, in the same way as you see other people's messages. 🙂
  14. Oooooh I see what you mean now! Okay so here is the thing: you have two radios in the airplane - COM1 and COM2. In order to not confuse you with what is being transmitted where, and also as a general reminder for you to see what frequency it is being recieved through, messages from other planes will look like that. However you can only transmit (send messages) on one frequency, which is identified by the white "TX" light on the top left next to COM1. There is currently no setting to make your messages include the transmitted frequency.
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