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  1. You need to install model matching (Bluebell CSL). If I were to give you some advice, download the xPilot pilot client instead. During the setup, it will automatically install the model matching for you. Additionally it has a new EQ upgrade and a much nicer GUI.
  2. What simulator, what aircraft? Next time it happens, take note of the approximate range. In vPilot, type ".aircraft" and look for an aircraft matching that range.
  3. Hi! Looking at our servers, you are indeed marked as not having completed the exam. This is likely a server glitch, and I have notified tech staff to take a look at your case. They will be in contact shortly. We’re sorry for the inconvenience you’re experiencing, and look forward to getting you up and running!
  4. Hi Lorenzo! VATSIM does not have a centralized weather injection system for members. Pilots use whatever weather system they have in the simulator. We highly encourage pilots to use real-world weather systems, but this is not always possible - though controllers will most often facilitate for this. There are some add-on weather injection systems available like HiFi's Active Sky, which includes the option to use the VATSIM METAR feed to inject weather. But from experience, it is usually adequate to use appropriate real world weather option available in your simulator. Hope that a
  5. Table lookup, pretty much they have made a model based on real life aircraft performance characteristics and recorded airspeed, AoA, V/S and a ton of other telemetry at specific altitudes, power settings, flap angles etc. in order to interpolate this into a flight model. There are pro's and con's with both solutions.
  6. Then the sim would break and the plane would be unfliable. Their whole physics engine is based on something called Blade Element Theory, which very dumbed down runs the aircraft through a fictional and invisible wind tunnel, calculating how the physics affect the aircraft, how the gravity, thrust, drag and lift impact the plane's aerodynamics. When you max out the performance limit your PC can handle, it starts stuttering, and it can no longer compute these aerodynamic impacts as fast as it needs to in order for the plane to fly as you expect it to. You can see this happening if you try t
  7. Hi Alex! The restructuring of the Pilot Rating system has most definitely been announced. It was posted on this forum pretty much exactly a year ago as a 5-month notice, before the change took effect in September. It was also announced on the vatsim.net website, as well as all of VATSIM's social media accounts and BoG meeting minutes. The forum post explains a lot in regards to why the change happened, and will hopefully also reassure you that this is in no way done to disrespect or show a lack of appreciation for you, and the other members who have contributed with the additional ex
  8. Well, as you're already using 3jfps, there's only so much you can do. Your PC's specifications have seen its better days, and you can only optimize and squeeze out extra frames so much before you need to start looking at upgrading... There are some performance boosting scripts out there, but I am not sure there is any script available that will bring your frames up to the level VATSIM requires... Sorry!
  9. Hi! The current event viewer on vatsim.net is simply a temporary placeholder, as the legacy system we used for posting events to the website website stopped working some time ago. Instead of displaying inaccurate information, we put up a temporary calendar view until we develop a new system. You can view the event calendar at https://my.vatsim.net/events
  10. Hello, Unfortunately, VATSIM disconnects you if your FPS drops below 20fps over a set time period. This is because X-plane acts erroneously with low framerates. You can read more about this here. You also write that it says "incorrect CID/Password", can you elaborate?
  11. it's still a WIP, and does not reflect the final website.
  12. NOTE: This is a work-in-progress, and the screenshot may not reflect the final look of the event page.
  13. Stay tuned... I think you will be pleasantly surprised. 🙂 Thank you for the input either way, much appreciated!
  14. The developer of vau.aero needs to update to the new datafeed. Once that is done, it will be restored. 🙂
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