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  1. Hi Charles! Did you change your password recently? It takes up to 24 hours for the information to be propagated to all the servers. Try waiting 24 hours and see if the problem persists. 🙂
  2. This is what the CoC says about it: The last iteration of the CoC had the word "should", so people thought it was optional. But here you see that if another pilot may benefit, UNICOM usage is mandatory. 🙂 A good practice is to just do it all the time to get into the habit. It's like using the blinkers on your car; other cars don't always benefit from you doing it, but it's good to do it all the time so you remember to do so when you come across a situation where other cars benefit 🙂
  3. To clarify, announcements on designated UNICOM frequency (122.800 or other where applicable) is only mandatory where it may benefit another member. If you're flying alone with no aircraft in 100nm vicinity, you're not required to do so. But if there is a traffic impact, you are. This is an amendment to an old rule which encouraged pilots to use UNICOM; Now it's mandatory where stated previously. It takes time for everyone to get familiar with that change. 🙂
  4. Petter, I have already tried to help you, but you are not willing to do the things I recommend and that I know works. You cannot request help, be stubborn and refuse to do the things you are recommended to do, and then complain that you aren't getting any help. This community is great and very helpful, but please; don't waste other people's time like that. Thank you.
  5. This looks amazing, not gonna lie..
  6. Tricky question... Usually, if a supervisor is online he will contact you as soon as possible (you can check if one is online by going to e.g. vattastic.com and navigate to the ATC tab, and look for people with a SUP rating under 'observers'). Although we aim to be online 100%, that isn't realistic for a voulentary network. If there is a serious offense made, gather all the evidence you can, including callsign, timestamps, chatlogs etc. and email it to [email protected] In this particular case though, I would not have disconnected as he is not allowed to, but I would gather the controller's details, along with a chatlog if able. Voice matters are a bit trickier, but I always advise people to use "NVIDIA Shadowplay" which has a built-in instant replay function, which automatically saves the last 15 or so minutes to your drive with the press of a button. I'm sure there are alternatives to that software as well. 🙂
  7. Yes you can, as long as you fly it like a "regular" plane, and abide by ATC instructions. 🙂 The SR71 does not perform many of activities stated in the vSOA policy, so yes you can. 🙂 From personal experience, I can tell you that not everyone knows that you're allowed to fly that plane. If you follow ATC instructions, you should be good. 🙂 Remember that you can always consult a supervisor if available by using the ".wallop" command, and that should be done if someone is trying to get you to do something and you're not sure if they are correct in doing so. That's probably a very strange way of phrasing it, but I'm tired after a long day. 😛 Let me know if anything is unclear!
  8. Exactly @Samuel Rey, and a surprising amount of people don't realize that. IMO that should be taught with every rating, even from S1 level. Controlling on VATSIM isn't just knowing how to issue a pushback or taxi clearance; it's also about knowing your place, role and function, and having that attitude VATSIM is looking for amongst controllers and pilots alike. 😄
  9. What do you mean the RX light does not illuminate, is it greyed out? If so, I'll attach a previous answer.
  10. Danice, know that ATC is not always correct. Naturally, given the size of the network there will always be someone who try to go against the rules we have in order to fulfill some sort of personal agenda. That does not mean it should happen. Should you ever have questions regarding things like this while you are on the network, wondering if something is okay or not, how to approach a situation or if someone is doing something wrong, call for supervisor assistance by using the ".wallop" command and include a brief description of what you need help with, like this: ".wallop is ATC allowed to tell me to disconnect when I don't have the current weather?" A supervisor should contact you shortly thereafter based on their current workload, and help you out. 🙂 Have an excellent time on the network!
  11. That's the reason! The airplane you uses simulates the use of the radio selector panel On this panel located near the radios, tap on the dial marked by the red arrow, and twist it clockwise. This will activate the RX (Recieve) In order to transmit, push the button marked by the green arrow. You should see the TX and RX lights turn white on the markers next to the radio frequency to the top left on the xPilot window. 🙂 .
  12. You totally can, but if I got a plane with that in his route, I wouldn't know anything about what it meant. The main point is getting your message across and understood by the controllers. Don't try and make it look "cool", we just wanna understand what you want. 😛 So if you write "DEP EDCM VIA RP ECHO, EN ROUTE TO EDDC", that would work just as well.
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