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  1. 4 hours ago, Ivan Shapovalov said:


    This doesn't sound like sarcasm. What's going on?

    As Ross says. Ever since I started using VAT-Spy at the start of my VATSIM "journey", I thought the application crashed every now and then, with no way of reopening it without rebooting the computer. After some years of hearing people having the same problem, and not bothering to check what was going on myself, I suddenly saw VAT-Spy in the system tray after a "crash". Little did I know, the application didn't crash, it was just minimized, and opening another instance didn't work.

    After I learned this, I started telling people about it and what do you know; everyone had the same problem. It wasn't crashed at all, it was just minimized.

    That is why. 🙂

  2. Replied to you on the Discord, Matthew, but to reiterate:

    The point you have with the wording is absolutely valid. It was a definition we started using in the planning phase which just got stuck. We will definitely revise it for the next event, thanks for the feedback!

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  3. The real world pilot is correct, the controller should not clear you to a waypoint not on your route.

    That being said, there might be some FAA regulations allowing the controller to do it, but it's a bit frowned upon either way as it takes you off your route and no a non-standard point away from your flight plan.

    In those situations, you can simply ask the controller what he means and he will either correct himself or explain why. 🙂

    Welcome to the network!

  4. 16 minutes ago, Andreas Stangenes said:

    If you know that it is already on the issues list, please let me know. Because I cannot see it. Instead, there are all these smaller issues like "remove click to start", or "g1000 improvements" that are less impactful issues (if you ask me) than the fundamental flaws of IFR in MSF. 

    I know they are very much aware of it. I personally believe that we fall short here as a market minority. Also, "fixing" IFR and the navigational issues is a much larger task than fixing a commonly requested minuscule feature. I know Navigraph is aware and talking with Asobo, and I am sure they'll come up with a solution to this, but unfortunately, things take time.. I would very much recommend the A320 mod though, there's finally airway implementation coming very very soon and plenty of bug fixes and new features coming every release. 

    19 minutes ago, Andreas Stangenes said:

    What does it mean that you are an official partner to MSF? In what way do you contribute to improve the sim? Is it a partnership in name only?

    VATSIM is a spotlight partner, one of the supported partners Microsoft wanted to highlight and promote for their actions to the flight simulator community. We were also in talks with Microsoft and Asobo well before release about integrations and where their and our focus lays. While most of the hype was pre-release, that doesn't mean that it doesn't matter anymore. 🙂 In many ways, the VATSIM network and the realism-oriented simmer coincide in many ways. 

    I know my response is not worth much, and I agree MSFS falls short on IFR at the moment without having the knowledge on how to circumvent common errors for the less-experienced simmer, but I am certain that will improve in the future...

    Something I don't think will become clear before these problems are fixed is the positive aspects MSFS has brought us. I know a lot of controllers are extremely frustrated about the influx of beginners and unexperienced pilots joining the network, but the way I see it, it's not actually that different from the "standard" beginner - we're only seeing a much larger number of them at the same time. Give them time and experience, and they will grow to become seasoned VATSIM members who only contribute positively to network activity. 😄

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  5. Welcome to the network, Christian!

    I've talked to countless people having the same concern you currently have. While it's understandable in a network with people across all age groups, you have nothing to worry about.

    People sometimes like to make jokes about the "squeakers" on the network, being unprofessional, 'noobs' and what not. The reality is that it's the "squeakers" who are one of the more professional and knowledgeable groups on our network. The new generation's ability to suck in information from the internet gives you a huge advantage over the older generations who struggle to keep up. You're also aware that you have to perform to be respected, but all in all most of the pilots with high-pitched voices I've controlled can do an IFR readback like no other.

    As Andrew says, never hesitate to contact a supervisor if you feel like someone's harassing you in any way. Supervisors are also there to help you should you get stuck or wonder what to do next, or answer any other network-related questions you might have. 

    Think of you starting off young as a head start. 🙂 I myself started when I was 13, and VATSIM has been instrumental in developing my flight simulation hobby and connect with many of the people I today call my friends.

    Good luck!

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  6. I don't usually wander into the AVSIM forums, but I read through your posts. You have many valid points, but it's easy to judge the simulator based on what you see at the current stage.

    I agree, the simulator at its current level lacks a great deal you would expect to have when flying on VATSIM. However we who fall under the "hardcore simulation enthusiast" have always relied on third party development to get up to par with our standards. Yes, MSFS have had a rough start, but with time the bugs and flaws will be ironed out, and I have no problem seeing that this very easily might become the new industry leading simulator. 

    Their approach to third party developers are something we haven't quite seen in the past, but it's certainly a path more and more take. 

    At the end of the day, you as a pilot are responsible for what you are flying on the network. Beginner pilots will struggle using MSFS, but experienced pilots will be able to use it with some workarounds with ease. I personally only fly on MSFS now, and I see some astonishing progress in the very short time the simulator has been available. With amazing initiatives such as the FlyByWire A320Neo, Navigraph (beta), the upcoming PMDG 737, The Majestic Q400 (which is a bit more of a hype for us Norwegians 😉 ).

    Additionally, we're seeing what I was hoping for pre-release; the birth of a XP11-like community of freeware modders, who already have fixed and improved hundreds if not thousands of airports.

    I get your frustration, and I know it's not the easiest thing to hear, but wait and see. Change will come, and the change will be great.

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  7. 2 hours ago, Andreas Stangenes said:

    Ive just sent an email to the adress given in the OP. I hope it is still active. Sent a request for training to vatsim scandinavia a month ago, and got confirmation that they received it but that the waiting times were too long to estimate. 

    Hi Andreas, 

    While there's not much light shed on it, a lot has happened within ATC training since this post was created and the training hotline existed. Back then (2010) a month was an incredibly long time to wait, and its purpose was to deal with inefficient mentors and instructors, or very inefficient training systems.

    However, in a decade VATSIM has grown exponentially, and so has VATSIM Scandinavia. As of right now, there are a vast amount of people in queue for training in Norway. With all of the staff and mentors doing this on a voluntary basis, it doesn't really matter how much the Norwegian word "Dugnad"  matters; queues will unfortunately be long.

    There are several things happening in the Norwegian FIR, and we are currently in the process of making our S1 students eligible to control delivery and ground positions, in order to make the wait a bit shorter.

    I know it sucks, but the wait is definitely worth it. 🙂

  8. You can change your email, but you cannot change your password unfortunately. 

    I am not sure how long it will take to fix, but I will *try* to remember to update you once it's resolved. 🙂


    Also, can you just confirm that you are viewing the page in English and not translating it to another language?

  9. Hi, and welcome!

    You won’t get full access to your profile before you complete the course. Can you wait 20 more minutes, then see if you still can’t access the course? This is an issue we have currently, we will try to look into it! Sorry for the inconvenience.

  10. Short answer; not yet - continue using 122.800.

    Long answer: Down the line, the plan is to implement local CTAF frequencies. However there is a multitude of problems and issues to resolve before that can happen.
    Firstly, CTAF frequencies for all airports in the world would need to be documented, structured and implemented in AFV, which is a colossal task.

    Secondly, those frequencies would need to be shown in the clients in an organized and easy-to-understand way so that everyone, including complete beginners understand which frequency to use.

    Without that, the whole purpose of having CTAF in the first place is gone, as people will be on all kinds of different frequencies. Also, the usage of CTAF/UNICOM frequencies around the world vary greatly, from having airport-designated frequencies, to local frequencies, regional frequencies etc...

    It's not that the voice servers don't handle the implementation, because they do; but having it the way it is now is much better until the developers can do it properly. Just like with 8,33kHz implementation, the technology is there, but it wouldn't make sense to implement it currently as it would only confuse pilots greatly...

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