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  1. @Tom David We have recently introduced a mandatory "P0" course + test that all new registrations must undergo before being able to log onto the network. There they are shown all of these resources in a very organized manner. You can view the info they receive by going to this link, which is a new section in the PRC PLC (Rebranded Pilot Learning Center). From my personal experience, the "some" here is very relative. I have hardly ever come across someone on the network totally oblivious to learning new skills on their own. They exist of course, but they aren't many.. 🙂 Again, just my ex
  2. Welcome @Thibault Berger! You need to wait from 4-24 hours after you created your account until you are able to log on to the servers. 🙂 Enjoy the network!
  3. @Robert Wakefield and @Paul Thomas, your VATSIM accounts are inactive, that is the reason you cannot log on. Go to https://my.vatsim.net/reactivate to reactivate. Keep in mind, it can take between 4-24 hours after reactivation until you are able to log back on again. 🙂
  4. As Ethan says, they have no right to do so. A vACC is a locally regulated sector for controllers, they have no affiliation to pilot ratings. However some facilities have made an ATO using the vACC name to make a facility both providing ATC and pilot training, but it's important to note that these to remain separate. What I personally think has happened here, without having looked into it is that someone, somewhere has forgotten or misunderstood the concept of an ATO, or has gotten confused with the difference in the vACC and the ATO. An ATO is not allowed to restrict their services
  5. Yes, there is another user having that exact problem, renaming it works perfectly!
  6. Hello Dushyant, VATSIM does NOT allow you to pay for any service, including pilot ratings. In fact, you can get one purely for free! Visit one of our ATO's, I personally recommend VATSTAR. 🙂 Good luck!
  7. Nobody can force you to change a vACC. Some vACC's are also ATO's, but it should be a very distinct line. I will notify someone from the ATO leadership to take a look at this. 🙂
  8. Furthermore, it will work just like vPilot (or even xPilot) have worked up until now. 🙂 Simply install, run your simulator and connect! As for the other questions, they are answered in the FAQ linked above. Happy flying!
  9. Congratulations, Svetlin. 🙂 Best of luck!
  10. Throughout its existence, we have seen countless examples of members connecting with other flight simulation enthusiasts from all over the world using the VATSIM Network. With the launch of the VATSIM Forums this became a key part of the network and our community for many years. As a part of the rebranding, we honored the three key elements which the network revolves around; "Aviate", "Educate" and "Communicate". Communication not only on the network, but between members on the forums, in our Facebook groups and other social media platforms. Our Marketing & Communications team ha
  11. This is not the case at all, can you try updating your vPilot to the latest version and see if that helps?
  12. I hope this will increase the coverage and uptime; with MSFS I can't wait to explore what Africa has to offer!
  13. Can you see other aircraft? Are you sure you have proper CSL installed?
  14. That is up to local and regional differences though. You can always right click and get the controller info, usually the position name is depicted there. 🙂 Or listen to what the other people are saying, or what he is calling himself!
  15. We have posted an announcement on the update now on our Facebook and Twitter, feel free to use that if you want to inform others. 🙂
  16. Hi Gary! First, welcome to VATSIM!! We are in the process of building a whole new website, which will improve everything as well as fix the problems like the one you mention here. I don't think the existing link will be updated, but the page you are looking for can be found here! (Detailed info about each rating is found in the menu to the left). Bear in mind, the VATSIM Pilot Rating system is due for a complete overhaul, and is planned to release in about a month, if not less. You should wait to pursue a rating until that time! Also, know that pilot ratings (except for the upco
  17. The program is scheduled for release at or before august 18th. 🙂 The exact date is not set yet.
  18. Gents, stop; both of you. Having this debate serves no purpose, let it be and move on.
  19. Congratulations to both Zach and Ray, you guys are going to do an excellent job; can't wait to see what you will come up with! 🙂
  20. Keeping this a secret was hard, I hope you enjoy it as much as we will! 🙂
  21. Your original account will be reinstated, the second one will remain suspended
  22. Yes, that is correct way to do it. Membership will help you through. 🙂
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