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  1. Yes, your messages show up with the callsign and frequency, in the same way as you see other people's messages. 🙂
  2. Oooooh I see what you mean now! Okay so here is the thing: you have two radios in the airplane - COM1 and COM2. In order to not confuse you with what is being transmitted where, and also as a general reminder for you to see what frequency it is being recieved through, messages from other planes will look like that. However you can only transmit (send messages) on one frequency, which is identified by the white "TX" light on the top left next to COM1. There is currently no setting to make your messages include the transmitted frequency.
  3. Can you give an example to what your problem is? The frequency part is there to denote which frequency it is transmitting on, you cannot change that.. But I suspect you have another problem, but a screenshot of what it looks like is probably the best thing. 🙂
  4. Best thing you can do is to have "CALLSIGN//Piedmont" in your remarks 🙂
  5. Hi Michael, and welcome! Can you please give us a bit more information? What error does it give you, what simulator are you flying etc? Also, I moved your topic to the support forum for vPilot. 🙂 Cheers!
  6. Hey! We are in the process of revamping the website, so fixing/updating existing content is not on the top of the priority list. 🙂 This will all be fixed with the new site!
  7. Is this one controller, or multiple? What kind of frequency was it on (ground, tower, centre etc), can other pilots hear you?
  8. Was this supposed to go in a regional forum, and not in the network-wide general discussion?
  9. .inf is supposed to be a supervisor-only command. Check with a supervisor next time you witness it and he can check further
  10. Really? I didn't know that! Thanks for the info!
  11. In the new year's post, VATSIM revealed that they are working on making an official, global and universal ATC Booking platform. It is unsure when it is planned, but once it is released that will be your go-to place for booking controlling positions in advance. 🙂 vatmm.org does not use vRoute's booking platform, however it uses "vatbook", which AFAIK is the most broadly used platform to date.
  12. Hi, this is not an issue with vPilot itself; but with the voice software we use - Audio for VATSIM. This already has lots of topics, I suggest you read this:
  13. Serious answer, as long as you are able to fullfill your tasks and expectations set for you, without interfering with network operations or act inappropriately, sure. 🙂
  14. Congratulations and good luck in your new role, Ifran!
  15. Welcome so much to the network, Shashank! VATSIM has plenty of resources to help you out, like the Pilot Resource Centre (https://vats.im/prc), or search for AviationPro’s VATSIM tutorials on YouTube. It’s also a good idea to look at the rules to make sure you’re not breaking a rule you didn’t know existed, you can find those here: (https://vats.im/coc). We also have a Facebook group dedicated for beginners, which is called «VATSIM For Beginners». Here you can get help from experienced VATSIM pilots, controllers and staff to a slightly smaller audience than the main Facebook page. Otherwi
  16. It is written quite clearly in the Code of Conduct, which by creating your account confirm that you have read and understood: A6 - A member may register for and hold only one VATSIM account. I'm not sure why your first account was suspended, but making a new one definitely isn't the answer..
  17. Making a new account is not going to benefit you, it is against the rules and as you've probably noticed, will get you suspended. The proper way to change your name is to open a ticket at membership.vatsim.net.
  18. AFVDATA is the voice server, don't connect to that. 🙂
  19. Hi, this is posted in the wrong category, I will move it as a support topic. To answer your question, what others see you as is based on THEIR CSL, not yours. It's a combination of your aircraft type and your callsign. But it's up to them, not you. 🙂 Keep in mind, "B737" is not a general way of saying a Boeing 737. "B737" is the ICAO identifier for a Boeing 737-700 aircraft. It takes the first two numbers in "737" (i.e. 73), and then the first digit in the variant type. That means that B737 actually means "Boeing 737-700". In the same manner, a B733 is a Boeing 737-300 aircraft. 🙂
  20. VATSIM does not allow spawning in as non-aircraft related roles, including pushback trucks, emergency response services or follow-me cars unfortunately. You can read more about it here:
  21. Congratulations @Mattia Torti! Best of luck in your new position. 🙂
  22. This smells like a port timeout problem.. Ensure you've forwarded UDP port 3290 in your router, for routers that close the port after a timeout. (If you're not sure if yours does or not, it doesn't hurt to set up the forwarding for routers that don't have an inactivity timeout). Some Windows 10 users are finding that the Windows 10 Firewall is the culprit. If port forwarding alone doesn't solve the issue, try the following in Win10: Windows Settings > Network and Internet > Windows Firewall > Allow an App Through Firewall > (Admin Icon) Change Settings > scroll down to vpil
  23. Welcome to the network, James! I hope you will have plenty of good experiences on the network in the future!
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