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  1. I'm not suggesting that controllers use text as primary (or sole) service. In fact just the opposite as voice is the way to go these days for all the reasons and discussion thus far. Just wanted to ensure the field of play is level should one desire that route. While I know it's not on the verge of change, I personally believe the network should be "V" only and have the text capability as a supplement for both parties (pilots/controllers). Exceptions should be granted to operate T only for those who require it based on need. Of course that requires some special delineation and process to
  2. Just out of curiosity, are controllers restricted from being /T only? Can I operate a position...any position, as a controller and designate it as /T only for all who wish to participate in the airspace which I would control. If so, I would counter that it can and will change the experience for all in a negative sense. A version of CPDLC only (i.e. text) airspace without the option to channel to voice. This question isn't really directed toward enroute oceanic since I brought in CPDLC. The example is for your typical DEL, APP, Enroute, Class I land-based areas. If the option to
  3. Ditto as posted already....remarks section of your flt plan should state "No SID/STAR". With that said, some airfields have other departure procedures that are designed for non-rnav aircraft. They may either be radar-vector SID, or a pilot-nav SID that requires the pilot to do other navigation (such as join a VOR radial outbound, or fly multiple VOR radials (similar to an airway) for initial routing). The flying a "green needle" (VOR) seems to be an art that is not easily understood or practiced on Vatsim. There really isn't any reason an aircraft can not accept one of the non-rnav procedu
  4. Definitely more than one way to view this topic. As a controller only/non-flyer (on Vatsim), I send contactme to everyone who enters or is in the sector. The amount of time it takes for a response varies widely. I know the 30 min rule and I can not count how many times its been broken (I rarely wallop someone, especially for failure to answer). Many seem to get online and leave the flight deck for other chores, possibly hoping that no one contacts them and the flight is completed for credit in their VA. Clearly not everyone is in this category, but more often times than not, it is hard
  5. If you are taking requests...which I'm not sure you are , but as a suggestion. For those who wish (now or in the future) to run multi-freq operations, it would be nice to be able to display which freqs being received. In other words, if you have a few freqs in operation (not a zillion like some think should be done..I'm talking 3 or so depending on your airspace/configuration), it would be nice to have the audio panel display a discreet box that flashes when transmissions are received on that particular channel, similar to the current TX/RX. It would [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist the controller
  6. +4 (I think). You have also been thru ZME airspace many times over the years. We all begin to recognize regular callsigns and familiar names. As said before, you are certainly welcomed everywhere and encourage to appropriately report anyone, particularly controllers, who behave in a rude or unacceptable fashion. Thanks for speaking up.
  7. 191 to 820ft, then a 320 hdg till instructed otherwise; climb and maintain 3K (top). All of this of course can be instructed differently by the controller. Expect to be vectored to JCOBY (or any other fix on SID). A couple of things you should be (all things Vatsim of course...) RNP1, a turbo-jet aircraft, and IRW a radar controller.
  8. Ok, got it fix. Wasn't the firewall as I already had that opened. Maybe not orthodox but I searched my computer for the vstarsconfig.xml file and found it in a few different places. Most were dated recent, although 1 was from 2017. I was thinking mine might be corrupt or damaged in some fashion. I copied/pasted the older one over the new and walla….works fine. Thanks for the help in solving this. Looking forward to Vstars!
  9. Yes, I get the error downloading servers msg. I've tried to delete the xml config file and when reinstalling I've check the empty config file as well. Neither works for me though .
  10. Tried after restore.....no progress.
  11. Tired it both ways.....no luck. Any other suggestions? Vstars originally worked (even though I'm very new to it) a few days back. I think Win 10 did some auto-update (dunno what it was though), and now no luck at all. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall several times with no joy either. I may look back and to a previous restore point (windows) and see what results that may bring. Will report back. Let me know if you wish to move this to PM or remain a thread.
  12. Laptop, nothing but the occasional USB headset. If you care (or have time) to teamviewer the problem I'm open to that....or anything else to help out with getting Vstars operational on this machine. thx for the timely responses!
  13. New to it, have read the other threads about errors trying to figure it out. Deleted config file, no help, tried uninstall/reinstall didn't work either . Hoping for a look/see and shoot back some ideas to fix. Thanks. See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. ************** Exception Text ************** System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: InvalidArgument=Value of '0' is not valid for 'SelectedIndex'. Parameter name: SelectedIndex at System.Windows.Forms.ComboBox.set_SelectedIndex(Int32 value) at cs.f()
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