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  1. If you are getting an error saying that their are two many objects to render X-Plane will automatically reduce your visibility as it will never allow you to drop below 19fps. That being said FS is unrealistic in my opinion with its visibility because you can normally never see as far in the real world as you can in FSX.
  2. The terrible texture blurries that are in all of FS series do not exist in X-Plane at all. And basically what all have said, if you like flying jets with the FMC etc. stick with FS. If you like to actually fly the plane low and slow go with X-Plane. It basically comes down to what you want like others have said. An amazing payware author is Jason Chandler, google him.
  3. I have used the Saitek X45 for the past 6 years and it has done great! However I am looking at buying the Saitek Yoke soon.
  4. I also have a Logitech headset and sometimes it likes to mute itself, go into your sound options and make sure it is not muted.
  5. Heres the server list, hope it helps. EUROPE-CW Europe EUROPE-E2 Poland OCEANIA Melbourne, Australia UK-1 England UK USA-S3 Texas, USA USA-SE Beaufort, SC USA USA-W San Francisco, USA
  6. You have to host your screen shots on an actual website. Try http://imageshack.us/ And about the cockpits, if you have the game resolution set higher then 1280 most of the cockpits do not go higher then that and will be placed in the middle of you screen allowing you to see terrain etc. on the sides.
  7. Hey there, I just got Xplane 9 and Xsqkbox and there is a very annoying buzz everytime someone transmits. I tried both the beta version and the regular version of XSqkbox and no luck. I also installed new sound drivers. Any help?
  8. Im to lazy to read so I have a feeling this has been said, or I will get 'bashed' because I am lazy and not wanting to read. But what is wrong with the current system? It works fine why not let it be? Don't fix something that is not broken.
  9. It is quite alright Angelis! If you are interested in the military aspect may I suggest you check out the vUSN (Virtual United States Navy) at www.vusn.org. Great bunch of guys!
  10. Right on guys! I really wish they had this when I was starting out!
  11. He was a great guy, he will be missed. Your flying even higher now buddy.
  12. Check out some of the ARTCC websites some of them have sign ups for controllers to sign up on what position they want and the times. An example is the ZLA, check them out. www.laartcc.org
  13. Congrats Keith!! Glad to ZLA is in good hands!! Eh... and a bottle on our heads
  14. But not exactly 800 or you will still have to scroll
  15. Or perhaps you took it the way you didnt want to take it, but took it the way you wanted too?
  16. Or perhaps you took it the way you wanted too? Anyways, good idea! Looking forward to it alot!
  17. XP, and Linux for serfing ect. Yeah... when ever something like this comes up.. you have to wounder what they are thinking... please make a client for Linux/Mac
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