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  1. I discovered this as well today. Has something to do with the alias functions, i.e. $arrrwy.
  2. Going to Version 29 has now seemed to kill the Automated Download Process. I am getting errors now saying "Neither SCT nor SCT2 file is found after extracting the 7z".
  3. Yes, this is a problem as we don't have ground and tower controllers assuming the tag of the aircraft. Not sure if this was intentional or not, but can this be removed?
  4. Has anyone run into an issue where ES won’t pull the Metar? (This is not related to the current Vatsim/NOAA issue). ie .QD ICAO nor the ATIS will display current metar while connected.
  5. Any more hints Brad? I won't use it, yet, to replace the Euroscope built in one due to the bugs such as this.
  6. I tried a simple file like: [AIRSPACE] [SIDSSTARS] [RADAR] Both with some data and no data with same error. Just wondering if it was a compiler error?
  7. While using the ESE to XML Converter, I am generating POSITIONS, AIRSPACE and SIDSTARS, however then an error is generated. Mark Walsh
  8. Might also be a low bandwidth or if you have lots of activity on your internet.
  9. Here is what I see SECTORLINE:1753 ; GLO20891-GLO937 COORD:N046.30.00.000:E004.24.00.000 COORD:N046.30.00.000:E003.16.00.000 [NEED COMMON POINT WITH 1062 HERE] SECTORLINE:1062 ; GLO27308-GLO843 COORD:N046.15.19.000:E002.55.39.998 ; Connects to 1723 COORD:N046.20.00.000:E002.55.00.000 [NEED COMMON POINT WITH 1753 HERE] SECTORLINE:1723 ; GLO27307-GLO844-GLO27308 COORD:N045.13.24.000:E003.01.16.000 ; Connects to 1320 COORD:N045.42.45.000:E003.00.16.000 COORD:N046.15.19.000:E002.55.39.998 ; Connects to 1062 SECTORLINE:1320 ; GLO27306-GLO27307 COORD:N044.53.04.000:E003.01.57
  10. I would [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume that you should have connected lines between 1753 and 1320. Need to see the lines 1723,1062 and 1313. [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming the lines are not connected between these. This looks like GNG. If you use the map function, you should be able to see it better.
  11. PILOT BRIEFING / FLIGHT PLAN Flights from Boston Airspace to Halifax CYHZ, please follow the ....TUSKY PEGGY3 arrival. If holds are utilized, expect a hold at ETGAR. Flight originating Montreal or Toronto area to Halifax CYHZ, please follow the ....EBONY FUNDY3 arrival. If holds are utilized, expect a hold at EBKID and/or MUVOX. Flights originating from CYYT St Johns NFLD to Halifax CYHZ, your expected route will be CYYT6 TEXED SILRO CAYLY CABOT3. If holds are utilized, expect a hold at CAYLY and/or BOSUB. All departures out of Halifax to Boston will be via CYHZ4 SENVI VIGMA ALLEX
  12. Everyone needs a little break sooner or later! Why not book your next ticket to the "Great white North"? On December 20th Friday night Ops features Halifax (CYHZ) & St. John's (CYYT) from 23:59z-04:00z. Full Details available on our website at http://www.czqm.ca including charts.
  13. Check your .PRF opening file and get rid of any .dll files as a startup option.
  14. I've had that experience with a slower internet connection (1.5 mpbs down). Although vPilot worked fine on the connection, I experienced a laptop of mine was running windows 10 and wanted to download the updates. This seemed to bottle neck the internet connection and had the disconnect problem.
  15. Congratulations Graham, you've worked hard to gain this position and trust you will do well. Mark
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