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  1. Very helpful, thanks!
  2. Hello. Is there an api to retrieve and display events, or is my.vatsim.net the only option?
  3. Lol, you are right...too many Michaels in this thread! I knew i should have quoted!
  4. Michael, i didn't want to sound provocative, i guess that's the disadvantage of expressing yourself via writting...you can't always properly deliver the "tone" of your thoughts... Don't get me wrong, i believe it's a general feeling that the current Board has the will to change things and will deliver. Combined with the years of stagnation in the developement/new features field, has created a feeling of anxiety to vatsim's members (including me) who are keen to see things change and are thirsty for frequent status updates. And sometimes a little push, a little pressure in the right directi
  5. Ok...3 months p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed since the post was first created, numerous members participated, many good suggestions were raised, the discussion is still undergoing...Has the BoG reached to any conclusions? Do we expect the survey anytime soon or it will take 1-2 years followed by another couple of years for the ideas to be implemented because of bureaucracy?
  6. 1. Voice codec/voice latency. No1 priority in my opinion. 2. Drop support to 15 years old software like sb, fsinn, fs2004 which complicates things and leads to delays in software development (swift). 3. Give the ability to VAs to open their own dispatch positions/frequencies in cooperation of course with the corresponding VACC . For ex, let's say that a VA wants to appoint 1-2 members to a certain airport to act as a dispatch office. They will apply to the corresponding vacc which will either grand or reject the request. If accepted, the vacc will handle any training needed. There migh
  7. The codec/latency issue has been discussed in details the last couple of years. It's not a matter of poor quality mics or mic's calibration. It can be a significant factor to the voice quality yes, but it has nothing to do with the 20 years old technology audio codec that needs updating. There are pilots in our VA that sound crystal clear when using teamspeak and the same time you can barely make out what they are saying when speaking on the frequency. Latency is another major issue but i'm not sure if it's related to the codec or not. Ross explained it well in an older post: It i
  8. You are right, it is hyperbolic. It helps sometimes to stir things up, make things happen, good things As others have said, after more than 15 years it's time to move forward. And your contribution Ross toward that goal has been tremendous.
  9. Not really. In short it seems that new codecs will break compatibility with Fsinn and Squawkbox and thus with fs9, fs2002 and we don't want that. So we'll have to wait until Swift (a new client) is finished, although it's been developed for almost 4 years and there are no official news regarding it's progress for almost a year. Plus, it seems there are some who like the current voice quality (including the lag that makes pilots and controllers to talk on top of each other and creates frustration) and don't see any need of moving forward.
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