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  1. Such wind changes in direction and height are certainly possible and are frequently observed around the world. I have regularly witnessed calm surface flow and a 50-60kt 500m flow on radial velocity imagery taken from the US WSR-88D radar network. Similarly, under extremely stable boundary layer conditions, weak vertical mixing of the lowest layers of the atmosphere preclude strong winds aloft penetrating to the surface. This is often seen in the UK with 5-10kt flow at the surface and 30-40kt flow at 2000ft. The 2000ft flow often provides controllers with a better idea to the behaviour of
  2. Nice to see some good copyrighted material of mine under your name there, Craig
  3. There are a few intermediate approach positions in the UK which adopt region rather than ICAO callsigns which don't appear on the maps or facility name. Is it possible to add the following since they are regularly used positions? THAMES_APP - Thames Radar - Covers EGLC and EGKB (132.70) ESSEX_APP - Essex Radar - Covers EGSS and EGGW (120.62) SOLENT_APP - Solent Radar - Covers EGHI and EGHH (120.22) Cheers, Matthew
  4. Ferrovial are the group that have now acquired the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ets of and now control BAA plc. If you want to avoid driving, there is always the direct train to Gatwick Airport from Portsmouth which takes around an hour and half. Otherwise, albeit a lot smaller, you have Southampton Airport which is also managed by BAA 20 miles up the road at Junction 5 of the M27. Matt PS Is this this the same Portsmouth I know all too well on the south coast
  5. Lee Radio (AGCS not ATC) operates on 131.7 as far as I am aware. Of course with the relatively minimal traffic from the airfield, there is no ATIS/DATIS. The details of the airfield were removed from the AFE flight guide a year ago for one reason or another so it is good advice Carill are giving you.
  6. SAM1A CPT - PEPIS - SAM SAM1B UMBUR - OCK - PEPIS SAM SAM1C WCO - PEPIS - SAM SAM1D WAFFU - CAMRA - GWC - SAM NEDUL1A THRED - NEDUL The SAM1A replaces the standard inbound arrival from north used by the likes of the Manchester/Scottish/Leeds/Newcastle flights. SAM1B is used by Scot Air namely on the Amsterdam route and Eastflight on the Brussels route. Prior to the STAR being introduced, controllers would have to give the routing on first contact which was quite long! SAM1C is not used that often as it was for flights that operated below FL80. SAM1D is the arrival used for most nor
  7. They are based on pre-existing routes, so that controllers don't have to give a long-winded routing through their sector, especially from the east. The charts are free and available to be downloaded by everyone and the waypoints have been around for years. Matt
  8. Was there ever a final word regarding the future of Capital/LL? After all some of the proposals that appeared in that thread would appear to help increase manning there... Matt
  9. Just a reminder that on the other side of the pond, Callsigns should be spoken by each numeral ie. BAW123 should be said Speedbird one two three. The likes of RRR is a real military callsign and I hear it quite often from where I live due to the proximity of a number of military aerodromes. The radio callsign for RRR is Ascot and there are a number of others about for the RAF/Navy/Army, some even being the name of the airport they left eg. Shawbury 123! Matthew
  10. I'll make this brief, tonight I saw 16 messages on the ATC channel from the same FIR in a row in the space of 2 to 3 minutes which seemed like general chat. Can I just remind everyone that for those controllers who have text pilots on frequency, it is extremely annoying when a pilot says you have ignored his call because it has been caught up in the ATC channel "conversations". It must be reminded that the ATC Channel should be used for operational or important information not conversations with other controllers. Please use the private chat boxes by double clicking on the controller you wish
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