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  1. No issues today, haven't even been disconnected once. I wonder if it was happening so much yesterday because I was trying to fly during that Boston event.
  2. I have been running into the same issue all afternoon today. I've had times where I got disconnected from the voice server once or twice during a flight, but for some reason this afternoon it has become much more severe, I'm getting disconnected every 1-2 minutes and I'm barely able to pick up clearance from ATC. Going to give the flying a break for tonight and try again tomorrow to see if it persists. Running Windows 10 Version 2004 Build 19041.388
  3. I guess the majority of the ARTCCs in the US don't have that on then because I am constantly hearing people step on each other or being told that I stepped on someone.
  4. For the most part I'm happy about the change to realistic audio ranges, but one of the issues I've been running into with this new audio is talking with Center controllers when no other positions are on particularly with larger CTRs. When someone on the ground is trying to get a clearance or someone four states away is trying to make a position report they can't hear the other person talking and they end up blocking the transmission. At least in my experience since this new change blocked transmissions and people stepping on each other have become far more frequent and it can be frustrating, e
  5. Not sure what part of the US you're from, but typically saying "Duh" to someone is rude and condescending.
  6. Occasionally when I'm flying ATC or another pilot will be transmitting and their volume will gradually increase until it is blaring through my headset to the point where it is distorted. I'm guessing this is a vpilot issue since this doesn't happen with anything else, but I don't know what is causing it and I can't figure out any sort of pattern or certain conditions that create this problem, as far as I can tell it is completely random. Has anyone else had issue similar to this? If so, is there a fix or am I just going to have to get good at ripping of my headset really fast?
  7. Your best bet is to go to a Southwest Airlines group since they exclusively fly 737s.
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