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  1. My vARTCC already does this for all ratings through S2. Minimum of 2 students if not more per training session.
  2. Nothing will be less engaged or productive than a controller going through the motions to fulfill minimum hours to transfer. The end goal of GCAP seems to just be force feeding controllers into position. Never mind how dead-end those ATC positions are or how badly those controllers do or do not want to be working them. A connection in the list is the important data point.
  3. Which happened an eon ago. “It happened this one time with this one guy, so that means it’s infinitely repeatable.” VATSIM loves its edge cases.
  4. Great, so I check someone out to S1/2/3 on Fargo, they never see a single airplane in the wild for 3 weeks, and they leave. Or we use those 3 weeks to finish their major cert on MSP. Which is a better use of my students’/instructors’ time? The powers that be really need to stop counting meaningless hours spent staring at nothing as “productive”. Empty stats are just that - empty. You’re creating the illusion of access when it’s not actually propped up by meaningful pilot/controller interaction.
  5. A clearance in the USA, PDC or not, is implied to be valid for two hours. By what definition do you claim it “expired”?
  6. One STARS facility can’t send automated pointouts to another STARS facility, unless you’re speaking to a situation where a controller would be working one area or sector of a large TRACON with the center controller working the rest of that TRACON’s airspace top-down, which is a conceivable split in ZOA I guess.
  7. Can we please get a definitive statement on this from the BoG (specifically from @Matt Bozwood-Davies)? The same argument has been ongoing back and forth in the AFV Discord about frequency consistency for over 4 months.
  8. Simon, that entire post should be hung, framed, and referenced in perpetuity as a best practices guide to airmanship.
  9. Yeah, and if we could magically build more runways everywhere that’d be fantastic, but the reality is not every field is equipped to handle 300-ish arrival operations in a 4.5 hour period. There are active discussions across VATUSA right now with how to better balance the FNO concept with the traffic demands. The last year has been a unique challenge in that respect to say the least.
  10. All ERAM 4th line data transfers to other ERAM facilities. It doesn’t transfer to any non-ERAM (STARS, Canada’s CAATS, Mexico’s Eurocat) facilities. STARS scratchpad data only displays and transfers to other positions within the same STARS site (including any towers adapted under the same computer).
  11. Are any of your displays using Windows interface scaling? Try setting Windows scaling to 100% on all your monitors and try again.
  12. Are any of your displays using Windows interface scaling? Try setting Windows scaling to 100% on all your monitors and try again.
  13. Heading/Speed data overwrites freetext, and vice versa. I’ll check it to be certain when I go back to work on Monday.
  14. I'm 99% sure this is an AFV server side issue over being a vATIS issue since it affects all clients that can publish voice ATIS.
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