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  1. Simon, that entire post should be hung, framed, and referenced in perpetuity as a best practices guide to airmanship.
  2. Yeah, and if we could magically build more runways everywhere that’d be fantastic, but the reality is not every field is equipped to handle 300-ish arrival operations in a 4.5 hour period. There are active discussions across VATUSA right now with how to better balance the FNO concept with the traffic demands. The last year has been a unique challenge in that respect to say the least.
  3. All ERAM 4th line data transfers to other ERAM facilities. It doesn’t transfer to any non-ERAM (STARS, Canada’s CAATS, Mexico’s Eurocat) facilities. STARS scratchpad data only displays and transfers to other positions within the same STARS site (including any towers adapted under the same computer).
  4. Are any of your displays using Windows interface scaling? Try setting Windows scaling to 100% on all your monitors and try again.
  5. Are any of your displays using Windows interface scaling? Try setting Windows scaling to 100% on all your monitors and try again.
  6. Heading/Speed data overwrites freetext, and vice versa. I’ll check it to be certain when I go back to work on Monday.
  7. I'm 99% sure this is an AFV server side issue over being a vATIS issue since it affects all clients that can publish voice ATIS.
  8. Bumped in reference to our Discord convo today.
  9. You could also just program the PTT within X-Plane itself by binding the XPilot Toggle PTT command to the button in the X-Plane joystick settings.
  10. I deliberately run with XC OFF so that airborne aircraft get the full immersion of AFV’s range degradation. Honestly it doesn’t bother me if you step on someone. I’ll sort it out on the frequency. The biggest thing you can do from a pilot standpoint to mitigate stepping on someone that you can’t hear is if you hear the controller give a clearance that you know requires a readback, don’t jump in and key up as soon as he’s done issuing it. Wait however long you think a readback might take (perhaps even read back the instruction to yourself to mentally time it).
  11. Still happening as of iOS 14.2. Can this please be looked at?
  12. I stated it pretty clearly above. “When Ready” is the ICAO Doc 4444 equivalent to the FAA term “at pilot’s discretion”.
  13. I’m with Rob. If I’m too busy to provide exacting top-down, I’ll break out “runway XX, taxi via pilot’s discretion, cross all runways”. Of note, the ICAO 4444 equivalent to the FAA Term “at pilot’s discretion” is indeed “when ready”, so depending on where in the world the OP was, this might be why that particular phraseology was used.
  14. VATGOV5 may be able to elaborate, but from what I can tell it's working for flights that originate and terminate within the US.
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