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  1. I know several training staffs that would be eternally grateful if you considered this!
  2. I assure you that they haven’t been abolished on the ATC side. All controller-facing flight plan information at FAA facilities still has single character suffixes. Yes, filing ICAO flight plans is now mandatory in the US, but the automation still runs them through a translation process. Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% in favor of moving to ICAO FPLs on VATSIM, and I wasn’t trying to be a stick in the mud about it. That being said, controllers in the US don’t actively get fed ICAO data. I have to dive 3 menus deep in the automation to get at ICAO equipment, and even then it’s not present
  3. Don’t forget the multitude of 3- and 4-digit alphanumeric US airports that don’t necessarily start with “K”!
  4. The technical solution is to convert either server or client side back to an FAA single character suffix letter, which is what the real system does. VATGOV and Ross have been provided the information regarding this.
  5. I appreciate all the guides, etc. but frankly from an ATC training perspective in the USA, we shouldn’t have to go through this. There was clearly minimal forethought put into how ATC clients other than Euroscope (and presumably vTAATS), pilot clients, and the numerous tools that depend on the data feed would handle ICAO FPL equipment and surveillance codes. That’s a step that should have been documented and resolved prior to the new pre-file site being rolled out.
  6. Click the word "SimAware" in the top left.
  7. First step towards this would be to dis[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociate callsign from your connection. Have the callsign be tied to your flight plan, which would be more accurate to the real world, and also would allow ATC to edit your callsign without disconnects. Would allow us to fix the UA123s and DELTA456s of the world too. (Following applies to FAAland) The limitation in real life is that there can only be one instance of a callsign active within a FIR/ARTCC. There are cases, although uncommon, where we will get two flights airborne in the NAS with the same callsign and all will be fine
  8. At risk of repeating myself, I feel like I've already answered this question once: https://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=80760
  9. /I is valid only below RVSM airspace. Since there isn’t a “basic RNAV + RVSM” suffix, use /W and throw “CIVA INS NO RNAV SID/STAR” in your remarks.
  10. Ah yes, dynamite analysis from the guy who routinely wishes he could ignore ATC. Given that attitude, the topic title certainly applies. This is an X-Plane specific issue. Stay in your lane.
  11. I think he’s asking if something can be displayed within the simulator.
  12. Have any of the complainants in this thread tried xPilot or newer? Justin rewrote the frame rate detection and disconnect logic to be far more forgiving of momentary drops in frame rate.
  13. Set the weather refresh interval value in XSB’s preferences to 0.
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