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  1. Quick question guys...Are all of people that you have labled "CFI/I MEI" real world flight instructors? Just wondering if that is a rating scale that you are using within the flight program there, or if they are based on real world FAA ratings..... Cheers, AF
  2. I disagree. I believe in the "staff it and they will come" philosophy so to speak...Actually get them to do it and
  3. Interesting choice... I guess that makes us the greeters Jim "Hi welcome to VATSIM, would you like a yellow smily sticker?"
  4. I'll second that...Real world or VATSIM, it is 10 times harder to break a bad habit, than to teach a good one.
  5. Jerry, It takes a few days to get everyone coordinated on something like this, I cant go into the database and make the change without talking to the division directors involved. I am on the case;) Don't worry, you werent forgotten:)
  6. Jerry, shoot me an email and I'll help you get it sorted out. a(dot)flodin(at)vatsim(dot)net -AF
  7. Hehehe...What was his name again? I heard he was this strange british chap Congrats SX!
  8. My understanding is that there were some discrepencies in the way that questions were worded / presented on the OPM that made the test biased towards certain groups of people. Here is some basic info on the ATSAT. Areas Covered: Prioritization Tolerance for High Intensity Composure Planning Execution Thinking Ahead Taking Charge Reasoning Decisiveness Problem Solving Visualization Working Cooperatively Numeric Ability Working with Angles Movement Detection The total maximum time to take AT-SAT is 8 hours. Included in this testing time are two scheduled 15 minu
  9. Michael, as I told you the other evening, this is being handled by membership and VATCAN officials, posting on an open board does not speed things up in the least.
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