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  1. I'm not able to see anyone's airline livery. Only the Boeing house livery. Anyone else having this issue? Using the X-CSLs in the default directory...
  2. No preferred routing into KORD? What NAT is preferred? It looks like D but I want to confirm...
  3. Hey all, I was wondering if there were any plans to implement radar depiction of weather on vERAM. Currently we just have to correlate what we see on whatever weather service we're using with what we see on the scope. Does anyone know what would need to be done in order to bring a form of weather radar to the scope? I know that you can download the radar imagery as a kml file however it's obviously not formatted right to be converted into a form that vERAM can digest as a video map. Is this too lofty or is there another option I'm not thinking of? Nolan
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