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  1. It's back up again. Thank you Justin.
  2. TOADD is the waypoint you could have been transferred (based off your flight plan) https://nfdc.faa.gov/nfdcApps/services/ajv5/fix_search.jsp?selectType=state&selectName=AK&keyword=toadd ...which is in Denver Airspace. As a Terminal Controller (me), you'd get a runway [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ignment and type of approach desired at about 30-50NM out which coincides with my airspace. or If you listen to the ATIS of the Arrival Airfield (if they are online), you'd have an idea of which ones are in use.
  3. Page 10 of Craig Phillips Aircraft Situation Editor...
  4. Stefan, I have my sectorfiles on the autodownlaod feature of ES, (PAZA Sector)...but I do not have the asr nor the sct/ese uploaded just yet (stiil working out the issues. And my understanding is I can define several commenads off one line... ASR reads... line 1: PLUGIN:Display Elements:commands:.yeska5 line2: PLUGIN:Display Elements:.yeska5:6:.yeska5:1:JOH TED MDO:5:YESKA SOGBE sct has the above info and (dot) yeska5 keeps the star at the top of the list
  5. I had that issue awhile back and all I did was Right-click on the "Hungarian Matias.prf" and towards the top where it says Opens with: [Change...] and [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned it to Notepad.
  6. Really nice feature to have! How does the the command line work to display a specific STAR with waypoints? is this possible off one command line. and How does the Radar function work? Is this designed for just one radar being displayed or all of them like (dot) showantenna In my sector file I have YESKA5 in this STAR, i would like to see YESKA and SOBE fixes at the same time....
  7. Good to hear, I need to start playing around with plugin scripts. It seems the best way to make your own personal modifications.
  8. VATSIM doesn't replicate wither they are modeC or ModeS capable..They are in theory ALL mode C and S. The only difference is if they use the proper suffix code to display. I've noticed that a lot of times the pilots do not place a suffix code in (or are primarily /F). If you have your radars placed and using professional radar, your target symbol (as explained by Gergely) will show up based on which radar picked it up and what suffix code is being used. I do cheat sometimes and change the code myself in the aircraft's flightplan, just to see different returns. If you go to "OTHER S
  9. That's the beauty of Euroscope. There's little if not any changes required to set this up and view tower traffic.
  10. try un-installing the program, re-download VRC from the website, and see what happens then (start fresh and delete your VRC folder as well)
  11. What about reducing your Range, and add more VIS points to cover your area?
  12. If they have the airfiled diagrams...look under tools, Diagrams. If no luck then I'd get ahold of the ZAB folks and ask about their sectorfiles.
  13. If all else fails try switching to another server and try it again. This has happened to me a couple time in the past...also had echo from the pilots too.
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